I have an idea for this upcoming community event


So my dudes here’s the idea;
We can share quick videos of hunters kills we all get this weekend in this thread, by the end of it ill compile all the clips into one video find some music to fit to it and make a massive montage style video, only request would be to have no commentary in the video as the goal would just be to have this megaclip of cool hunter kills/fights with some retrosynth style music.
If any of you want to help please post videos starting when the event goes live! :smiley:


Here’s a silly clip for you.


That happened to me with four of them!


Good old suicidle hunters :smiley: thanks for the first clip @Xezr!! if anyone else wants to take part ill use all clips even if they’re just funny like this one, lets keep em’ rollin folks!


Here we go one hunter video , and i used ’ Rockets’ Big Red Bomb’ a1-76 assult’ ticks, grenades’ and best of all ’ Klaucke Pistol ’ a secret high magazine power house , okay clip time :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgCxCtRVNEs i killed many many many more im of for caffeine , good hunting :rabbit2::+1:

Getting a little miffed about deaths and adrenaline/ other stuff

@TherotcoD absolute beast mode man! great clip thank you for adding to this man! very explosive :smiley: so far i have me you and xezr in on this! if anyone else wants in all you gotta do is post a clip or a link to a clip here :slight_smile:


I’d post more clips, but I can’t seem to get anymore daylight. It’s been night ingame for two days in a row for me, which is annoying.


@Xezr that video of the stupid hunters just cracked me up lol GG dude saved you a rocket I bet :rofl:


Here is my silly video of a stupid hunter : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PMSHbRf-p0


Y’sure you linked the right vid? That’s a weird container door…


Definitely not your video , that hunter sure looked like a door .:eyes:


It’s on my youtube channel so i’m guessing it’s my video.


It was intended. Nevermind.


Don’t have a video, but here’s a silly hunter standing horizontally on the side of a container…


i’m not great at huning the hunters but before this event i only tried to take them on from inside houses so i’m happy with my improvement
finally managed to dodge a hunter leap at 0:44 but was had to reload so missed a great chance

also if you want to include some more parts where the hunters get us here’s one

and finally a celebration dance


Yes they are good clips that last one though ‘’ both bots standing up’’ quality :rofl:


haha :rofl:
i wasted so much ammo trying to kill it some more before i realized it was already dead


just got 5 more, 4 with one shot, last one almost got me :stuck_out_tongue:


@kakarron my dude these are great clips! its good having one where the hunters get ya as i have a clip of myself gettin wrecked pretty badly too so at least i wont be the only one :joy: the more gutsy the death the better i say. and thank you for the new clip too man :smiley: now ill have footage from before and after the check in, we only have 40,000 more hunters left, well over 2/3’s of the way my dudes! lets get a few more clips in here before this wraps up


i’m not too proud to shoot a hunter in the back.
he thought he had me but didn’t know about my survivor skill