I’m really struggling

While you might have lost visual of whomever was chasing you, you could’ve run into new runners, who then finished you off.

Also, besides what was said by Snipergirl above, here’s another great piece of advice:

  • Keep your ears open. Very often, you will hear machines long before you can actually see them. And if you have surround sound, then you can even pinpoint where machines are, without seeing them.
    But, if you walk around by being completely oblivious what is going around you, then you will get ambushed and killed by the machines.

As for other helpful tips, there are several topic about it;


You had a lot of fun! In my opinion, a good result, although the costs are considerable.


I think it’s a mix of both being bad at seeing things and luck because even on the first island I would get jumped by a lot of robots sometimes randomly but since they were only runners I wasn’t too worried but now there’s hunters,.

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