I’m really struggling

I’m not sure if I’m just bad at the game, am doing something wrong or it’s designed this way but ever since I got past the first region I’ve been dying A LOT.

Like, for example. I had a level 2 rival tank and I thought I’d go kill him. Once I started attacking him I got swarmed by 3 more tanks, like 6 hunters and a few runners (I think I saw a harvester too) I focused fire on the rival.

500 7.62 bullets later, I don’t even know how many .270 soft point rounds, 3 grenades, 6 grenade rounds, 4 flairs, 2 boom box’s, 3 Adrenaline shots, he still wasn’t dead. I finally threw my last flair, put 4 propane tanks under him and blew them up and he finally died. I looted him and besides a little ammo and some steel I didn’t really get anything. I feel like I wasted so many resources killing him for no reason.

I thought maybe he’d drop a new weapon attachment or a new weapon or something useful. I’ve found rivals to be incredibly difficult for no real reward. (Keep in mind I’m playing on Adventure difficulty, I have been the past couple of hours because I keep getting swarmed by so many robots that just won’t seem to die.)

I know most of the robots have weak points but they’re now either heavily armored or don’t seem to do much. I’m starting to mostly just get frustrated and annoyed when I play. What can I do better?

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The machines have types of their own.

Proto (orange and easy)
Military (camo and harder w/ more damaging weapons)
FNIX (black w/ red wires, strongest of the bunch)
Apocalypse (strong as military but with deadlier attacks)

.270 is great for Runners and Hunters but BAD against bigger machines with heavier armour.
Explosives are good for Runners and Hunters but damage stays low on heavier enemies.

Sometimes your best option is to run and lure a few away and kill them.
Harvesters will call in reinforcements if not taken out first.
Watch for seekers nearby as they will draw more enemies in as well.

Be patient, pick your battles. When in doubt, running hurts nothing but your feet. :slight_smile:


When it comes to the Rivals, there are 3 unique loot items, that you can only get from them:

  • apparel schematics 3*, 4* and 5* ones
  • experimental clothing set
  • experimental weapons, IF your character level is 25 or above

Other that these three, Rivals are like regular machines, loot wise.
Oh, the higher the rival is - the better the chance for unique loot.

Though, HP wise, Rivals have much more life points, especially when they are max level (4).

For overall tips: pick your battles, scout ahead, keep your ears open (to avoid flanking), use cover, shoot weakpoints.

Btw, the entire Archipelago region is one big tutorial. That’s why it is so easy compared to the other regions.


You are either bad at seeing what surrounds you…or very unlucky.
Where have you find so many tanks side by side? I want to know , i´m always looking for more fun, most towns and areas are deserted.

  • Don´t use pistols or Hunting rifles against Tanks, it will take much longer, and certainly never use them against Rivals.
  • You can however lure Hunters using Hunting rifles with a suppressor, do it while in prone, it´s better than battling entire squads of them, does not always work though.
    Check the various guides for other tips.

Oh that explains a lot, I didn’t realize the machines had different types too! I mean, I saw they did but it didn’t register that it meant they were different.

I also didn’t know harvesters called for reinforcements, good to know!

I need to get better at picking my battles for sure. I was good at that at first but I get some new weapons and equipment and I think I can take on the whole world lol.


Are the experimental clothing sets good? I would assume they would be but I haven’t found any yet! I didn’t know I needed to be that high of a level for weapons to appear, that’s good to know, thanks!

I don’t remember exactly where I was at but when I get home I’ll look and let you know!

Honestly I think it’s a mix of both being bad at seeing things and luck because even on the first island I would get jumped by a lot of robots sometimes randomly but since they were only runners I wasn’t too worried but now there’s hunters, harvesters and tanks lol

Sound is very important, the music almost always changes when a machine is nearby.
And using thermal vision helps detecting enemy movement even when you are far away.


Here is my first run in with a sniper hunter back when PS4 had hard mode lol: (talk about a wake up call)

Now I go around like this:

As you play, you learn. As you learn, the machines have to call the Reaper to deal with you :rofl:


Also if your already in a battle using boomboxs or little radios is not a good thing since it calls everything that can hear it to that area


Experimental clothing set gives you only visual eyecandy. It doesn’t have any practical use. But you can use it as bragging rights, to show in multiplayer that you’ve taken down several Rivals, if you have full clothing set to show off.

Experimental weapons are late-game weapons and all of them are improved versions of regular weapons.

Small spoiler describing one example of experimental weapon (click here to read)

Experimental AG4 gets incendiary rounds. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That means that every bullet you fire with it (doesn’t matter if 7.62mm FMJ or AP), will set machine on fire for a short while and that fire deals lasting damage.

For me, on many occasions, the machine has blown up when it was on fire and when i was reloading my experimental AG4. :smile:

Also, the fire illuminates the machine a bit and it’s easier to see where the machine is, especially at night.


@poolwatertea You’re not bad. What you’re experiencing is completely normal for a new GZ player. :slight_smile:

The amount of ammo and explosives you spent on that rival Tank sounds about correct, as to what it would take. I have never played on Adventure, but in the start, a Tank will always surprise a new player with how much damage it can handle before you take it out. I fought my first Tank (Military even, not Prototype) for over half an hour, before I ran out of supplies and had to give up. Quite a wake up, but it inspired me to up my game, resupply and come back stronger next time. This was back before you could pick difficulty, and I believe the original, default difficulty resembled today’s Skirmish.

This is what I love about GZ though. If you wade in too deep, you’ll bite the dust. The game gives you no warning when you (E.G.) pass by Bockhyttan and into the Mountains region, and 10-15 FNIX machines ambush you in the forest! You can plink a few rounds at them before you die, or you can retreat and continue leveling up on lower tier machines. Choosing your battles is key. :slight_smile:

Some time in the future, when you’re lvl. 31 and fully equipped with 6* experimental weapons, you’ll look back at how you’re playing the game right now and wonder what happened. The only way to keep GZ challenging then, is to play on Guerilla. Or you can try fighting The Reaper. :wink:
Personally, I play on Skirmish because I think the flow of combat is most fun there.

Hang in there. You may not notice it always, but for every battle you become better. One piece at a time, you’ll find better equipment to help you fight ever stronger machines. :wink:


I’m glad to know I’m not alone :slight_smile: I’ll learn more and be a better robot killer!

Also, the tank I fought was an apocalypse class so that was added difficulty lol

Experimental clothing really does nothing? That’s so odd considering I have, like, yellow punk pants that have 2% sound reduction or whatever. I’ll pass on the bragging rights lol

Looking forward to those experimental weapons though!

You will find blueprints to craft protections on your on clothes of choosing. Stack up resources.

1-2 Crown can be found throughout the land. 3-5 Crown come from Hunter/Runner Rivals.

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They may have some small bonuses on some of them but generally, they are just like another pieces of apparel. Though, you can craft bonuses to them, if you have the schematics and resources.

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That’s cool at least!

I had a similar experience at the Vesslan command bunker. The first time I played GZ, I had no trouble with it. I find the hill, find the runners and seekers, isolate them, and go inside the base. There I clear out the few machines in there, turn on the power. Done.

But this time, oh no, this time was different. I do everything the same, I clear out the bunker, but the combat music keeps going. I check the bunker 5 times, every nook and cranny - no machines. Then in one corner of the bunker, I hear a machine going into attack mode and start shooting. Nothing in the bunker though. So I go out the big double bulkhead doors and get absolutely swarmed by roughly 10-20 runners and 2 seekers. I try to dance around the issue and try to isolate them, but the smallest group I fight is 5 runners, which I can maintain for about 5 seconds until somebody starts shooting me in the back. I am almost out of all ammo, so I run. At the jetty it seems that I lost visual with them, so I crouch and try to sneak my way out of the battle only for two runners to appear out of nowhere and finish off my 13 health.

This is the first time in the game where I felt that it is not hard, but either broken or cheating.

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Similarly a big problem in the game is machines continue to morph into houses and barns with all doors and windows closed. Only other issue is the hunters shooting the lasers outside of their “line of sight” and ultimately a one zap kill

One of the other issues is after the last few updates the game has become more focused around both Late Game and Hardcore players, leaving people in the early game in a cloud of dust.