I see things differently now

After I submerged into the wonderful world of GZ I’ve started to pay attention to things I never would have noticed before. :sweat_smile:
I took this picture some time ago in my neighbourhood in a town pretty much in the middle of Sweden. Do you notice any familiar structures? :thinking:


:open_mouth: it it it… Looks just like GZ for a second i actually thought that was a GZ image


Yeah, crazy right?
I’m sometimes almost knocked down by the accuracy of both details and that overall visual design. Maybe I’d take more pictures of actual environments with that GZ feel, so that non-swedes will understand what the viz crew actually have accomplished! :smile:


Thats me, Im a brit so i know 1% about sweden


Well, noone’s perfect… :smile:

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Pontus is perfect. Ask Admiral


Yeah he = God of Sweden

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I thought this was a gz pic with a filter or something for a second! It is amazing


Is that a safehouse up there by the trees?


Yup, time to check it out, but I’ll bet there is at least one military Hunter patrol roaming the yard when you get there.


You know, they put in such good work for the buildings and placements, and then you walk into a building and the entire floor is outside terrain, or there’s a large rock in the middle of the floor.

@CrackBear I never experienced anything like that In a single building interior. I just hated how every interior is damn near identical…


Weird. I’ve also found the above ground clipping into one of the bunkers, though I generally find more glitches with the ground clipping though the floor.

@FilthyLittleGodPS4 not for much longer! most of buildings will get an interior during this map revamp so there will be more variety, right now though for FNIX rising south coast and southern farmlands are getting the revamp. Next big update will have the revamp for another region i bet maybe mountains?


Is that why I noticed during my Playthrough that some south coast buildings had (slightly) different interiors? Spiral staircases, etc? If that was the revamp, it’s really not much of an improvement, I’m sorry to say…


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Devs are keeping houses in GZ true to their real life counterparts seen in the Sweden. While it doesn’t give you anything special to look at, since houses repeat, that is how it is in real life.

Purpose built tourist spots (e.g Las Vegas) do have each and every building unique, to draw in the crowds. However, regular housing is boring to look at. For example, take a look of any American suburb, all houses are exactly the same.

1st image from Google:


And to add to the topic, 2nd image from Sweden countryside (again, from Google):

Looks just like in GZ. :slightly_smiling_face:


That Photo from the Sweden Houses shows again how fine detailed the game is. When i look at this photo and see the fence or the little hut on the right side makes me feel I’m in the game.

Your photos are also impressing. At the first Moment i saw it I thought it was a picture out of the game.


As a Finn, I could swear that all of those pictures would have been taken in Finland, but there are still those small minutiae that makes the two countries so different.
With that, I feel so comfy and homely running around the GZ map. :smiley:



Fair points!

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To underline what @Aesyle wrote, I snapped a picture of my neighbours house from my front door a minute ago! :smile: