I think survivors that were kinapped by the machines are controlling the robots

let me explain, the robots need a human brain link to control the machines, some survivors are locked up somewhere forced to link there brains to help bring awareness & control the robots

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I think it is that some machines are controlled by humans but most are just AI

Or they were initially controlled by humen or least needed their brainpower, but the AI took control over all machines at some time.

We’ve seen cages for humen in the southcoast, we know there was a link to a human from FOA underground base… And we know that there is one locked door where we can hear screams behind. Bunker 666.

There is much we don’t know yet, like if there maybe are two AIs… The evil FNIX and a good one who saved Tatjana. Or are they the same? Questions over questions…

Added spoilers tag, so we can talk about story stuff.

The original idea was for people to command the Machines via remote control. In the story, they attempt a neural link, which ultimately fails and causes the apocalypse. And most of the inhabitants of Östertörn were transported away somewhere unknown. So you may be onto something here.

remember when the game was first released in 2019, there were no dead humans anywhere on the map, people thought they were abducted by aliens, it was more creepy, not one dead body anywhere, more creepy then lol

Sounds fairly reasonable considering that the FNIX AI does seem fascinated with the computing power of the brain. Btw, I don’t know if english is your second language, but just pointing out a mistake.

What you meant to say was ‘their brains.’ Their is talking about an owner, there is talking about a location, and they’re is short for ‘they are.’ Of course, there are other uses for some of those that I didn’t cover, but it’s a start. Also, I need to point out that I’m not trying to punch you in the jewels, just pointing it out to help you communicate more clearly in the future. The one that is a real pain for most people is the difference between its and it’s. That one gets me on occasion, even to this day.

And again, I like the thought thread that your post is pulling on, very cool!

:rofl: Me, too. And it’s just my second language.

, reminds me of this TV show, they need human brains to operate there programs, however the kidnapped people think there in a dream, and when the robot is killed, the human brain links to another Hunter, Havester, Runner, to help operate that machine

I didn’t want to be a teacher, but you should really read advices.

the robots can’t run without a Human Brain Syc-Link, the robots are run on the dream-state ambitions of human thought 2 help make the robots possible 2 function as the war machines they were intended 2 be,

AI is not possible without some Syc-Link from a human brain connection, other wise robots just look like zombies

Oh, I don’t think so. It’s a sci-fi-game, even if it takes place in the past, so everything is possible.

Btw. Have you already finished the main story?
Somehow it feels like that you’re still somewhere at southcoast region and just scratch on top of the stories surface.

The idea that machines are controlled by humans is been entertained years ago. The clues to that idea are given by the game in the “Good Night” mission:

Veronika: “All the data say there should be a lot of survivors here. Where did they all go?”
FNIX: “Worry not. I moved my precious resources somewhere you will never harm them.”

But the game has never given us concrete confirmation if this is indeed so. It’s all speculation until the story advances and shows us that humans are used to operate the machines via human-machine interfacing, just as F. Holbergs idea was in the beginning.