I think the locker storage limit should be unlimited

The storage weight of the current storage box is absurdly small.
There are many types of items, and the fun of farming is somewhat lacking.
Even if acquired, if the capacity is exceeded, it cannot be left unattended and must be discarded.
If there is no space left, the meaning of farming disappears.
Although it is true that inventory weight increases
More importantly, the locker should not lose its functionality.
I think it’s right to have unlimited storage space in the closet.

It can be brought up for various factors, but I think it should be officially changed.
what do you think about it?

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Well, that depends on your style of play. What in your storage locker do you keep?

I have one of all rifles level 5 and above in my locker, with all the attachments. Other than that, I only keep what I used to destroy machines. Since the loot from machines has increased so much, I go from battle to recycle station to craft station. Then I may go to storage to drop off items I don’t have enough to recycle just yet and extra ammo I crafted and went over the carry limit to sprint.

You can also use the unofficial unlimited weight capacity of a “pack mule”. An extra character that is used just for the hoarder that just can’t let go and needs to gather anything and everything.

Sometimes I really question myself why some players play the game.
Some want the machines fall like soldiers running in front of a machine gun, some want the machines not spawn again, some want unlimited plundra storage.

Where is the challenge of that game if the devs change all that?


I wouldn’t mind seeing storage unlimited… but leave the backpack alone. With all the new weapons and including all the DLCs that I have purchased my storage space is very limited. I can only keep a small amount of all types of ammo for each weapon. And then there are the accessories for each weapon. With the motorcycles you have to keep gas and repair kits. And if you store to recycle (some items requiring a good amount to recycle) more space is needed.
I know some of you are very Spartan and do not need the extra space. But I am a Pack Rat and need a bunch of space. We all play the game a little different and one size does not fit all.

No, I disagree. This isn’t a hoarding simulator.


Nobody said anything about hording. More DLCs bought ought to come with more space for them and their accessories. All I am saying. And again… we all play the game differently which has an influence on what we would like to have and what we don’t care about. I do respect your opinion.

That’s why we got the ability to upgrade the plundra capacity from 200 to 400. It came just this year. I’d prefer another way of providing dlc-weapons and items.

And noone really needs everything the game offers.

And you can only shoot one of them at a time.

Like I stated, I store all the rifles from level 5 and up. But ammo, you can craft it and most all the standard, not exp, use the same resources which the recycle bind have very generous storage for those resources. But I once liked to just keep thousands of ammo for my weapons that I carry. After a few months you learn what you NEED and what you want to keep. Again, a pack mule is perfect for the wants one wants to keep.

If you take a few minutes every so often and just look through your inventory, you can recycle a lot of the unused junk that you don’t use anymore. And most anything you NEED can be looted in large amounts.

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Unlimited No…
But with the latest DLCs giving us new weapons , new ammo types and new equipment, i really think a level 6 and 7 upgrade is needed for the Plundra.
And i bet we will have new weapons in the next 3 months.

And some seem to be getting a lot more loot in one area than others. It seems to work in spells for me. And I have tried some of the farming suggestions and some time they work and sometimes they don’t. Nice to have some backup when they don’t. Just my way of playing.

One word… Denied.

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One more thing to mention:

We all already have more storage possibilities.
You can have more than 10 resistance bases. In each base you can at least build pillboxes (7.62) and rocket-turrets (granatgevär ammo) plus sniper towers (.50) if you own the base building dlc.

You may build 5 of these structures in total in each base and store ammo i these structures.
Well, it will be used if there are roaming machines…

Additionally there are the medical stations in the base building dlc, where you can store first aid kits.

And as @JuanEyeJack just told, you can easily craft lots of ammo (well, if you have the schematics).

We should be glad that the weapons weights are so unrealistic. Otherwise the space really could become rare…

Just manage your inventory /plundra. No one needs every weapon or attachment just because it has 5c. I was at this point, too. But as my character improved and I had all challenges finished I learned what I keep and what not.

…and yet I’d happily go back to the original version of GZ’s inventory with NO plundra whatsoever. You had what you could carry and that was that. Where choices regarding looting weapons actually mattered and you couldn’t just hoard everything.

The Plundra has taught us one thing; regardless of how much space players have they will attempt to fill it and ask for more.


Wise words.

Maybe there could be compromise of what’s now and what was in the first days.

  • plundra has to be unlocked
  • plundra starts with even less space (~10)
  • plundra gets more upgrades available depending on characters level and ressources

Well, many might say that could be an option for a hardcore / survival mode… Why not, if such a mode really is in discussion?

i hoard all weapons level 4-6, all attachments level l5 and over 10k rounds of most ammo types, i farm fir fun, its satisfying

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Some people seem to think this is a hoarding simulator, unfortunately. Hopefully that doesn’t carry over to their real life. lol

I’m happy with the Plundra with limited space. I wouldn’t be against offering 1 or 2 more levels of upgrades, but having a limit means you have to be somewhat strategic in your looting. Loot what you need. You don’t need to have unlimited amounts of everything.

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There is loot to get what you need.
You don’t need to get all you can loot.

If you’re not limited in what you can have, you just hoard and don’t think about what you might have and what not.

Additionally the way you play the game is different, because you’re not in need to change the way you play. So you take everything, hoard everything, but use less than you would use if you’re limited.

A game with loot has to have limits in my eyes, because otherwise the loot just is a system to stretch the game artificially. It would otherwise be the same, but less time consuming, if you would play without loot but with infinite ammo for every weapon, for example.

I settled on the guns that work for me and their ammo types. I only keep ammo for those weapons and FMJ ammo of types I don’t need to recycle for the copper. Most other stuff gets left behind as I don’t need it. There’s little point to hoarding anything once you have all you need.


This keeps coming up from time to time, I don’t know how long you’ve played for, however unlimited storage would really destroy any feeling of choice and struggle.
I know this is just my opinion but after playing since around launch of the game, I find much more enjoyment not having everything.
I find using less powerful weapons that require more tactics keeps the challenge alive, having every single attachment and weapon, ammo you would never use them.:+1:


Just mule it and have solid inventory management.

Unlimited Plundra storage on base game is just unnecessary

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