I would like a vehicle, but not a car

Look a vehicle is a good idea, it would improve quality of life for so many players in this game. But a car would be idiotic. Sure it would be slightly faster, but it would have little to no weapons and would be incredibly easy to destroy. On top of that, what kind of person would look up a a giant weapon of war the size of a building and say, “I should get a car.”
That is why I think you should be able to destroy the bigger robots for parts, (I think we all see where I’m going with this) then create mechs for us to not only travel with, but store items in and use to clear out areas so much quicker and easier than on foot. It would also give more reason to kill the bigger robots, on top of specialized ammo for these war suits. That is what I want out of you avalanche.
I also want to mention that i don’t want a fully rehashed model for the new mech, something a little different, maybe it could Look a little more improvised. I appreciate attention to detail in game art. But more focus on the features of the mech would be appreciated. Thanks for reading

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