Idea for a new weapons DLC (France)


I enjoyed the game a lot and I would like to suggest an idea of weapons DLC bringing some French weapons to the game.

Why adding French weapons?

  • France was a major actor of the Cold War ;
  • Exotic weapons, not represented a lot in video games ;
  • Us, French players, would be very pleased as French weapons enjoyers!

What you guys could add:

  • FAMAS assault rifle
    Probably France’s most iconic weapon, the FAMAS can be fired in three-shot bursts or semi-automatically. The production started in 1978, and indeed the rifle was fielded in the French army in the 1980s (albeit on a limited scale). Here, we are talking about the FAMAS F1 variant, the weapon uses 25-shot magazines loaded with conventional 5.56 NATO ammunition.

  • MAS 49/56 battle rifle
    mas 49-56
    Here the rifle with an APX 806 scope.
    A semi-automatic rifle used en masse by the French army until the 1970s. A reliable, versatile rifle evolved from the MAS 49, the MAS 49/56 features numerous accessories developed for the needs of the French army (APX 806L day scope, night glowing points device, bayonet). Over 275,000 rifles were produced, and the weapon was used by the French army until the 90s. The rifle fires 7.5 × 54 mm French ammunition, loaded in 10-round magazines (1+10).

  • MAT-49 submachine gun
    mat 49
    Here, without the stock extended.
    Used in conjunction with the MAS 49/56 during the Cold War, the MAT 49 is a submachine gun chambered in 9 × 19 mm. Relatively reliable, it was used by non-commissioned officers in the French army, particularly paratroopers. This weapon uses 32-round magazines.

  • AA-52 or AAN F1 machinegun
    Here, the AA-52. I don’t manage to find picture of the AAN F1 used by infantry with bipod.
    The AA-52 machine gun was widely used by the French army, notably during the colonial conflict in Algeria, where it equipped helicopters and ground attack aircraft, not to mention French armored vehicles. Also available as an infantry machine-gun equiped with a bipod, the weapon fires 7.5 × 54 mm cartridges stored in 50-shot magazines. A modernized version, the AAN F1, uses conventional 7.62 NATO ammunition.

  • FR F2 sniper rifle
    FR F2
    The rifle equiped with a Scrome J8 scope.
    A French sniper rifle in use from 1986 to the present day. Equipped with a bipod, the FR F2 fires standard 7.62 NATO ammunition and can be fitted with a silencer and a range of precision scopes (Scrome J8 scope, SOPELEM OB-50 night vision scope). The weapon loads 10-shot magazines (1+10 capacity).

  • LRAC F1 rocket launcher
    Also called LRAC 89, the LRAC F1 is a French rocket launcher that fires 89 mm rockets. Replacing the American bazooka of the Second World War, it is an anti-tank weapon used by the French army alongside the MAS 49/56 and FAMAS F1, notably during the Battle of Kolwezi and the first Gulf War. It can be equiped with an APX M309 scope.

Hope this would eventually get some support, and who know, see some/all weapons be implemented a day?



That sounds cool, I’m all for it :slight_smile:

Didya know, the Kvm 59 machinegun IRL, Ksp 58, is actually a french weapon. The FN MAG 58.

The more you know :dizzy:

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As I am limited by 5 medias per post, here pictures for the LRAC rocket launcher:

On both pictures, LRAC equiped with the M309 scope. Second picture for weapon used in context.

Thank you for such an interest for my post! Reload the page, I added pictures for each weapon.

Almost: the FN MAG is a… Belgian weapon! But yes, as many foreign weapons during the XXth century, a made-in-Sweden copy existed! I like Swedish weapons lore a lot.

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New topic made here about possible Western European weapons!

The FAMAS, FR F2, and the LRAC…would be most interesting to see, indeed.

I wanted to say “No PGM Hecate II?” but that’d be a bit early, unless maybe a very rushed prototype to combat the rise of these machine threats?

I do think we need another .50 BMG, or a Soviet 12.7mm instead, just because I disagree with the “one gun per ammo type” trope… On that note, branching away from France for a moment, I think we oughta get an Automag or a Desert Eagle to compete with the revolver to eat up all our .44 against Runners, Lynxes, and Hunters, too…