Idea on how to bring Foreign weapons into the game that were not common in Sweden at the time

The title pretty much explains it. Now I have not though full in depth with this idea so any problems you see will be great to hear. So a way to bring some weapons into the game that were not common is a supply drop. Such as the supply drop you get from the Russians with the special Ai-76. This could be with more Russian weapons. Such as PKM, Makarov, AK-74. Or NATO weapons. Such as M16A2, M1911, HK21. Of course the Makarov, PKM, AK-74, and M1911 would need a new caliber as well. And a way to get them. That is one problem with these guns. Also there is the second problem of getting them. Of course there would be the initial drop. But how else would you get them? Not Weapon boxes that are already here. Or the bots as how would they get them? Now here comes in my idea on how the availability could be fixed. Maybe in a new patch, or DLC. Russian, or NATO troops come in to help with the machines. So now we can find truck, and dead soldiers to get the guns. However the troops landing here thing is kind of a stretch. It may happen. So it looks like WW2 weapons would be the logical way to go.

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