Ideas for experimental weapons and new weapons


Riot Shield:
can absorb damage if it is coming from in front of you
when it is in inventory it will appear on your characters back
when they equip it they will reach behind their back and grab it leaving them vulnerable
if the player has it equipped they can only use their sidearm

Experimental Riot Shield:
can be deployed to free up hands on the player
when it is deployed it will stay and provide cover

Experimental AI-76:
when you attack a robot using this gun the bullets will explode on impact
the initial explosion will do hardly any damage but it will spray acid on all of the neighboring components which will slowly start to damage them
if you use full metal jacket ammo the bullets will explode on impact
if you use armor piercing ammo there will be a slight delay between the impact and the explosion

Experimental Magnus:
can deal more damage and can penetrate thicker armor then the non experimental magnus
can equip the 4-8x rifle scope
bullets will have less bullet drop when fired

Experimental HP5:
will have a underdrive mode
underdrive mode will slow down the fire rate leading to decreased damage but increased accuracy
can equip the 4-8x scope


Flare Gun
can attract robots if shot straight up
when fired at a robot it will deal very little damage

Decoy Rounds for the M/49
when fired it will have a delay before emitting loud noises
will attract robots
can be used in place of Lure Arrays but will not have as big of a radius
will not deal any damage if shot at a robot


These are good ideas

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