New Weapon Ideas


For the love of GOD we NEED a GRENADE LAUNCHER like an m-79 these are from 1961 and will be awesome to use against the machines.


Also a FREAKING FLAMETHROWER that keep damaging machines overtime.


And Molotov Cocktails, that’d be nice. There’s some good fire effects in the game :slight_smile:


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.44 Magnus experimental

would look something like this (if you want to see it when its shoots: at 20:00)

ammo typ:

.270 ammo (just because its harder to get)


double from what it already has

(magazine) size:


fire rate:

half from what it has

Möller PP experimental

would look about the same

ammo typ:

the same that its already using (.32 ACP)


10% less from what is has

magazine size:

by default it has 12 and max. limit 26 with mag extension

fire rate:

full auto 900 RPM


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hello, i have quite a few ideas for generation zero. i dont know if this is the right thing to post it on so sorry if its the wrong thing.

so i have an idea for a riot shield. so it takes a few seconds to equip, and when it is equipped it will block some bullets and damage from explosions. however when it is equipped, you can only equip a pistol for a weapon. and when you reload, there are few seconds where you are able to get hit by bullets and explosions. also there is an experimental version where you can deploy it. it takes a few seconds but when it is deployed you can equip more powerful guns.

i also have ideas for a magazine attachment for the Grg m/49 (it is not a magazine, it is just something to make reloading faster), a second experimental Grg m/49 that is pump action, and special bullets that can do thing like make a little explosion and other things.

Ideas for experimental weapons and new weapons

I like the shield, but you want a pump action rocket launcher? Do you mean you want a single fire mode for the exp m/49? For the bullets, are you talking about the m/49, or just the other weapons in general? Becuase I would really like AP rounds for the m/49, and for the other weapons, do you want the little explosive darts from the FNIX Hunters? Or do you want a grenade launcher under-barrel attachment?


I would like HEAT rounds for the Recoiless rifle


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i also have an idea for a riot shield! in my idea it wont be used as a weapon but it is quite detailed!
so, when you equip it it takes a second where you can shoot and you can still be shot. so then when you have it equipped you can only equip a pistol, and then when you reload you lose the shield for a second. it also does not block all of the bullets.
also it has a level like all of the guns in the game. the higher the level, the more bullets it blocks and the more damage it absorbs. if there is an explosion from a rocket or something else in front of you, while the shield does block some of the damage, it will also throw you backwards further then if you dont have it.
it also has an experimental version. with the experimental version it is able to be deployed. when it is deployed it will still block bullet, but you can equip bigger guns. it also wont throw you backwards when there is an explosion.


IMO, something the game needs is a selection of alternate weapons that make use of early-game ammo types. Because for example the Meusser and Möller eventually become useless, but you’re still finding ammo for them and many enemies are bullet sponges.

For example, the game could include the AG42 semiauto rifle, which fires älgstudsare ammo.

They could also throw in a version of the GRAM 63 rifle that fires Meuser ammo.

Or an SMG that fires Möller PP ammunition. The Tec-9 was supposedly first presented to the Swedish armed forces as a replacement for the kpist m/45. At that point it apparently had a foldable stock. Introduce it into the game as the kpist m/85.


Idea on how to bring Foreign weapons into the game that were not common in Sweden at the time

The title pretty much explains it. Now I have not though full in depth with this idea so any problems you see will be great to hear. So a way to bring some weapons into the game that were not common is a supply drop. Such as the supply drop you get from the Russians with the special Ai-76. This could be with more Russian weapons. Such as PKM, Makarov, AK-74. Or NATO weapons. Such as M16A2, M1911, HK21. Of course the Makarov, PKM, AK-74, and M1911 would need a new caliber as well. And a way to get them. That is one problem with these guns. Also there is the second problem of getting them. Of course there would be the initial drop. But how else would you get them? Not Weapon boxes that are already here. Or the bots as how would they get them? Now here comes in my idea on how the availability could be fixed. Maybe in a new patch, or DLC. Russian, or NATO troops come in to help with the machines. So now we can find truck, and dead soldiers to get the guns. However the troops landing here thing is kind of a stretch. It may happen. So it looks like WW2 weapons would be the logical way to go.


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What if the devs added AIRSTRIKES. They would be a one and done usage and would be extremely rare to find. Imagine launching an airstrike when 50 hunters are after you.


Why would you want a Makarov or an M1911?
An RPG7 or RPG18 would be better :grin:
(The others seem fine too :wink: )
I do have the rational solution for the availability of such weapons.
With a future DLC, a destroyed FOB base from NATO or URSS in one of the islands, where you could find Soviet or NATO weapons, or an easier and lazy way would be to find paradropped crates next to dead special forces ( Spetsnaz, Delta Force, SAS) located with radio beacons.


yeah man a amor penetrating rockket launcher would be great. But a nice M1911 would be awesome. Atleast some sort of .45 caliber. And those crates from paratroopers would be cool…


Considering how many Swedish weapons that aren’t represented in the game, even though they were common (m/07 and m/40 and Sig Sauer pistols, AG42 semiauto rifle, pskott m/86 and pskott m/68 disposable antitank weapons etc).


The molotov coaktail in my opinion would be a great addition to the game.


You can’t just say “I would like…” and then insert whatever random weapon you can think of.
Well you can, but IMO that’s pointless!
A new firearm in GZ needs to meet a few requirements:

  • It should fill in a gap between the existing weapons. You shouldn’t just implement let’s say a new 5.56 rifle (e.g. M16) because it looks cool, when in fact it performs identically to the current AG5.

  • It should be possible to acquire in 1980’s Sweden.

  • It should be able to do reasonable damage to armor.

I’ll give two examples of new guns I would like to see.

  • Colt 1911 pistol in .45 ACP. Could take a silencer or a compensator. The original 7 round magazine could be upgraded from +1 to + 5 rounds. The gun would have a lower ammo capacity and lower handling than the Klaucke 17, but a damage output somewhere in between that one and the .44 Magnus. A new ammo type would be required.

  • Lever-action rifle in .45-70 Gov’t. Could take a silencer, compensator or a barrel extension. It could also take a red-dot sight or a 1-4 or 4-8 scope. I’d suggest a tubular magazine with a stock capacity of of 4 rounds, but upgradeable from +1 to +5 rounds, as lever rifles with 9 round mags in that caliber exist IRL. This gun would be superior to the Meusser and Älgstudsare in almost every way, except for long range accuracy and reload time. The damage output would be noticeably higher than the Älgstudsare and shotgun slugs, but of course lower than the PVG90. A new ammo type would be required. A perfect “Rifles” class weapon for hitting hard at close to medium ranges, one-shotting Runners and disabling Hunters with a handful of well-aimed shots.

I wonder if any of you agree with me on this? :blush:


I’d love to look into this further @Hogge -could you maybe pop a good list down and I’ll take a look at everything they missed out on.

Nice one.