Ideas for Weapons,Robots,Vehicles,and other things



M1 garand (rifle)

Mg 42 (light machine gun)

Lever action rifle (rifle)

Lewis gun (light machine gun)

Molotov (throwable)

Flame thrower (fuel cell or fuel tanks) (heavy weapon)

Double barrel (shotgun)

Single shot grenade launcher (takes grenades and reloads faster than the rpg) (heavy weapon)

knife (melee)

Spiked bat (melee)

Brass knuckles (melee)

Hatchet or axe (melee)

Lee Enfield (rifle)

Mp18 (smg)

Anti tank rifle (rifle 50 cal)

1918 ribeyerolles (assault rifle)

Chauchat (light machine gun)

C93 (pistol)

Luger po8 (pistol)

Impact grenades (throwable)

C4 (can be remotely exploded) (throwable)

Baton (melee)

These guns can be renamed to whatever fits the game


Humanoid robots that patrol with Runners and use guns, these robots are smart and will try to sneak up on you

Flying robot that is medium size and would use machine guns or missiles

Robots that are bigger than the biggest robots we currently have


Motorcycle with side car (2 seats)

Car (4 seats) (smaller mobile storage)

Storage Truck (2 seats) (with a bigger mobile storage)

ATV (1 seat)

Convoy truck (6 seats) (no mobile storage)

Armored car (4 seats) (no mobile storage)

Armored truck (4 seats) (small mobile storage)

Maybe a system to upgrade vehicles and make them armored?

Also cars will attract robots to it due to its sound, and trucks will attract them more due to being louder

Gas powered vehicles will need to be refueled and will accepts gas tanks and fuel cells

Other things

6 players max per game

New difficulty for having more than 4 players called hardcore, this difficulty will make the robots stronger,healing items heal you less and emp rockets,flares and fireworks are less effective, while ammo is harder to come by

Bigger Storage box limit to 350 or 400 would be better

Settings option to remove motion blur or lower it

The ability to transfer items faster, so you hold the left stick to the left or right and the longer you hold it the faster it transfers the items

Tap A on a bike to go faster but it uses stamina

Smarter AI

Less crashing

Less audio issues

Less lag

Playable music

Jerry can that is reusable and can be filled with gas for gas powered vehicles

Another new difficulty called scavenge where everything is much harder to find like guns,health,ammo and crafting resources, make it so rare to the point where the player has to conserve everything they can find and make it have a higher chance of being a lower level weapon or attachment to make it a challenge

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