Im an adrenaline junkie

Glad I stocked up on adrenaline before the update. Man, they weren’t kidding lol. I played for almost 4 hours and looted 200 boxes easy and not one single adrenaline shot.

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Maybe it’s like how you can only get 5.56 ammo from military sites/crashes/zones etc and there are only specific types of areas where they have a chance to be found as there are a few reports of people still finding them (nothing like previous levels though)

Found two (so far) working my way through the Uttern Command Bunker. Maybe they are more prevalent in Bunkers.

Were they in the hospital areas of the bunkers?

G’day all. Just trying to figure out what’s going on and who’s being affected and logging it over on the bug report here.

@Highmonkey94, @Blackwalt, were you playing solo or co-op, and what platforms were you on?

Another thread says it’s due to the loot system checking your inventory before the loot is generated.

As I have said elsewhere the lack if 5.56 ammo is an issue for me, even from dead troops and military caches I’m only getting high amounts of 7.62 and 9mm ammo (and with it being AP it’s not civilian)

Even the Artillery base wasn’t dropping 5.56 (though I found no end of magnum ammo)

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Im on Xbox one S and I was playing solo. You would think you would find one in a almost 4 hour session. And I loot alot!

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I play on PC and i get 5.56 ammo everywhere except on the starter islands (even occasionally in civilian houses where there frankly should not be any). granted, i dont get as much as 7.62 or 9mm (SMG) but still.
On the other hand i get absolutely no adrenaline shots anywhere on the whole map after the patch (i kind of like it that way but i can see why some may not like it) :slight_smile:

An nice alternative would be picking up field radios and strategically placing them so if your forced to abandon and you’re deep into a bunker you can respawn relatively close. A little tweak to the adrenaline would be nice but I’d rather them be hard to find then everywhere.

I have the same issue. 5.56 drops in the world (both solo or coop) are exceedingly rare. Even though I have the perk for extra ammo pickups, I rarely see drops of more than a dozen FMJ or 6-8 armour piercing. Rarely find them in military installations and never on dead soldiers.

The exception to this is command bunkers where I can occasionally find stacks of up to 40-ish FMJ and 20-ish armour piercing. By contrast, 7.62 mm is dropping everywhere quite regularly, as is 9mm pistol and submachine gun ammo.

Personally, I’ve found the Uttern Bunker to be my “farmland”. Any time I start to play, I head there first and do a looting run to replenish my supplies. It’s been very generous to me with ammo, ammo boxes, special grade weapon attachments, higher level weapons (3-4 star) and advanced medpacks. Last time around, I ended up getting 9 ammo boxes in a single run through it, which helped stock me up pretty significantly. Walked out of there with a full loadout of .50 and 5.56 armour piercing rounds.

Same here, although when I finally ran out of adrenaline I started to find some again. Guess they don’t want you to horder adrenaline anymore.

For some reason my 5.56 drop rate has increased over the last couple of days.

Additionally my .470 ammo collection rate has climbed hugely since I left the Meusser behind (seldom see a .243 round since then) though I seldom get any FMJ ammo.

I’m wondering if I should drop the Shotgun as I have only used it when I expended all other ammo taking down a tank and harvester the hard way, though maybe I need a really good shotgun to get any real use out of it at the moment.

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