I'm back after more than 6 months and single player is now way too hard

Imagine long time ago game was hard on single player. I refunded my money because i hated equipment managment and looting. I bought game after many updates on last promotion with hope of more gameplay experience, fixed equipment (for me many things were fixed now but far from ideal) and less bugs.

Earlier we had less ammo, we had less space in equipment for it, but machines were medicore and in smaller numbers.

At now smaller machines are same level i think as were before.

But tanks and other big machines? Dear… they’re brutal. We hide in house and we are constantly fired by massive explosions and take wounds. Smaller enemies are sniping us through walls and with blast attacks through walls.

They spawn each other and multiply. This is new.

I’m on 12 level now, but i don’t think on more experienced character i could defend from them and attack them. They have massive long distance to see us. They are sniping with 85% of accuracy.

They attack us in large numbers and harvesters multiply very fast with two hunters and hunters with ticks. And we don’t have time to deal with harvester dealing with these things.

Why they did this so hard? For playing only multiplayer?

I enjoyed solo game earlier but now i can’t. Game give us no choice to play single or multi. We can play single only on one first area as a training before multiplayer games.

Adventurer difficulty can’t help with this.

Man. I lost 10 minutes ago maybe 1500 rounds of ammo, 50 medkits, killed 20 ticks, 5 seekers, 20 runners, 15 hunters, and i don’t know how i killed one tank but harvester and it’s hunters killed me 10 times. I used these yellow thing for recover and lastly i died.

+1500 exp.

Thanks for nothing :open_mouth:

I don’t know what is with balance of game.

Of course i’m pleased by updates and new content, but balance for single player is mad.

I like playing with friends. That’s all. No single player. No hiding. No sneaking. Can’t defend myself.

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