I'm making a weapon tier list


For my first video on weapon tiers i decided i’d look at the side arms to see which one is the best suited for which build, how each weapon interacts with a suppressor/attachments the RPM and so much more, if any of you guys ever wanted to know in detail what weapon is the best for you check this video out here;

Thank you for watching :slight_smile:


Good video Tene , you know i john wick a Klaucke with penetration ammo aye i do , :sunglasses:


So that explains why everyone likes the klaucke! haha i think the RPM is very useful info as it can give you an idea of the best counts for ammo, so you don’t carry too much and over encumber yourself unintentionally. :slight_smile:
On top of that, now that the common knowledge is that the 9mm is not the stealthiest sidearm, that means those of you using stealth builds can comfortably change it up and see how the gun is without the decreased damage. One point makes a big difference when its down to your last bullet! :wink:


Personally, I use the Klaucke because the Magnus just feels too slow for me (and even when I had one, I could never find enough ammo for it), and the Möller just doesn’t do enough damage (there’s also the argument to be made that if this were real, I’d be using a Glock, period, they’re way easier to maintain, way easier to find ammo for, and a whole lot more forgiving of environmental conditions than a Walther PP or a Redhawk). The only real complaint I have about it is the very poorly modeled sights on the special one (real factory Glock night sights are nowhere near that bright, have never been that bright, and have a circular marker on the front sight), but I have similar complaint s about the sights on most special grade weapons.

Seriously though, the Klaucke is great if you don’t just try to pretend it’s firing full auto. Accuracy for single shots is just barely short of that for the Magnus, and two well placed shots will kill an FNIX runner.


Real life does win out in this situation and i can’t argue that haha i would definitely be going for something that literally every police station in the country would carry ammo for!
I find it a little hard to be completely accurate with single shots exactly due to the sight feeling way too bright/bulky… but i think if those were toned down everyone in general would appreciate it, i think the tritium adds the right amount of style but the light is very bright on it, especially when fighting at night, so hopefully those can get tweaked in a patch.


Except that the in game sights are way bright for tritium-phosphorescent sights. Realistically, they should be essentially invisible in bright light (except for the usual white dots), and only faintly glowing in the dark (I’ll edit in pictures later to demonstrate). They’re more consistent with fiber-optic sights, but they’re still way too bright for that, and I’m not even sure that fiber-optic sights would have been available on anything in 80’s Sweden.

Circling back to the tier list thing though, I think you’ll find most weapons have the same kind of ‘okay, this one is good for this particular situation’ thing to them. The only ones I wouldn’t personally consider ever using once I have something else are the pump-action shotgun (I like the Sjöqvist far etter in almost every respect) and the Meusser hunting rifle (similarly, I feel the Älgstudsare is better in pretty much every respect), but even those are likely to be situationally useful for some people beyond being the only weapons for a while.

Also, on the note of early handguns, there’s actually a dilapidated Klaucke (and a dilapidated handgun silencer) on top of the blue kiosk by the pier at Yttervik. it’s a bit of a pain to get up there, but it’s still weel within possibility to get a Klaucke right off the bat. Actually using the Klaucke that early is a bit tough however (ammo scarcity is a significant issue for everything but the Möller that early), so whether it’s actually useful or not is a whole other question.

Edit: Images as promised:

This is a Glock 42 (it’s narrower and shorter than a G17, so the spacing on the sights is different) in a bright room with factory Glock Night Sights:

Note that there’s essentially no glow whatsoever, but you can clearly see the tritium-phosphor phials. The lighting isn’t quite bright enough to show it, but the white rings are actually rather reflective in daylight.

And now in low light (ambient lighting is from my computer monitor in an otherwise dark room, sorry about the quality, my phone doesn’t like low-light conditions without a flash):


The glow is visible, but pretty obviously not the neon green bordering on yellow that the in-game guns have. Also, note the still visible slight inset of the tritium-phosphor phials, they’re deep enough that you can’t see the glow at all if you’re more than about 60 degrees off angle from the back of the gun.

And for completeness, same gun in a completely dark room, with the aftermarket green laser sight on for reference:

This one makes it a bit more obvious how dim the sights really are. That hotspot just above the gun is the point of light from the laser itself (the lens on the laser doesn’t focus it very well, so there’s unfortunately lots of extra glow from it).


Hm i’m not sure, i know they were widely used in the 70’s but haven’t really looked that deep into them outside of a few times.
And that’s what i’m hoping to figure out with the guns actually! what their best use will be, i figured since i have them all on multiple builds it would be a good bit of info in the future potentially or for players that are interested in one guys opinions, backed up with a little bit of fact checking as much as i can do at least. with the rifles im intending to do a few extra tests to see which really is “better” for what sort of situation i feel like the mauser will have a few uses to it, some kinda “out of the box” purpose.
and yes i used that gun during my early days when i started! i found it on my second day i think, i found most of my ammo off soldiers that i admittedly farmed the hell out of back when we could lol


Well, as far as specifics, you covered the handguns pretty well. Only things to note is that the Klaucke is almost certainly specifically a generation 1 G17 (the gen 2 model came out in 1988, and while uptake was quick in some places, I seriously doubt it was that quick in rural Sweden), and the Möller PP is probably based on an original Walther PP, not the slightly more famous PPK (what Hitler supposedly committed suicide with, and James Bond’s gun of choice after a concerned fan complained to Ian Fleming about the Beretta 418 being a “old lady’s gun”).

For background on the others:

  • AG 4 is an Automatkarbin 4, the Swedish version of the widely used Heckler & Koch G3 licensed and produced by Bofors AB. The G3 was introduced in the late 50’s by H&K in collaboration with CETME. It was designed to serve essentially the same role as the FN FAL, and saw pretty quick uptake by a number of militaries. The G3 itself is still in use today in a lot of places in the world, either as a generic battle rifle, as a DMR, or just by civilian hunters (it’s honestly a rather nice gun, not super accurate, but really reliable).

  • AG 5 is an Automatkarbin 5, the Swedish version of the significantly less widely used FN FNC, also licensed and produced by Bofors AB. Originally introduced in 1979 as an attempt by FN Herstal to produce a gun for NATO standardization in 5.56x45mm chambering, Sweden adopted it in 1986 as a new standard rifle for the armed forces. This one isn’t really used much anymore, though a couple of countries are still using it as a standard service rifle.

  • The AI-76 is a tough one. It appears to be a Russian Avtomat Kalashnikova (better known in most of the world as an AK), but the exact model is a bit unclear. It’s probably an AK-47 as it uses 7.62mm ammo, but in game it uses the wrong type of 7.62mm ammo (the in-game ammo is 7.62x51mm NATO, the AK-47 uses the rather different 7.62x39mm round). Not much to say here except for the AK being an insanely hard to kill gun that’s probably the most produced rifle in the world. Still in active use today, still manufactured by dozens of other companies as knock-offs or officially licensed versions.

  • The Kpist is a Kulsprutepistol m/45, a standard Swedish SMG from 1945 chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, albeit designed to use special modified bullets designed to produce a higher chamber pressure without increasing the powder load. It was used by many countries over the years officially, and lots more unofficially. Just like the AK, these things have a bit of a reputation for being insanely reliable. The in-game version mirrors the lack of of select-fire capabilities on the real one. The Swedish Army officially stopped using them in 1965, but the Home Guard continued to use them up through 2007.

  • The HP5 is a Heckler & Koch MP5, probably one of the most used SMG’s in the world (and most likely the third most recognizable to gamers after the FN P90 and the KRISS Vector). Also chamberd in 9x19mm Parabellum, but without the special bullets the Kpist used. Introduced in 1966, I don’t know if it was actually ever used in an official capacity by the Swedish armed forces, but it was officially used by the Swedish police forces, as well as having been used in a number of neighboring countries.

  • The Meusser is a Mauser hunting rifle chamberd in .243 Winchester. I don’t know much about it specifically, just that the caliber was popular back then, as was Mauser for hunting rifles (but the second point is still true today).

  • The Älgstudsare I’m really not sure about except that it’s chamberd in .270 Winchester. The name refers to a particular classification of hunting rifle in Swedish (specifically one for hunting elk I believe), but that’s about all I know.

  • The Pansärvrnsgevär 50 is a Barret model 82A1 anti-tank rifle chamberd in .50 BMG (or 12.5x99mm if you prefer NATO terms). It is a reasonably standard semi-automatic anti-material rifle of US design. It’s loud, has hellish recoil even with the good integrated muzzle brake (to the point that it’s not possible to safely fire standing up), and hits like a freight train. Of note is the fact that the concussion wave from firing this thing is actually rather dangerous in it’s own right (which is true of most .50 BMG anti-material rifles), and it would be almost suicidal for a soldier to go through a full clip at once.

  • The 12-Gauge Pump Action is a generic pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. Not much else to say, it could be almost any brand.

  • The Sjöqvist is an early semi-automatic shotgun design from Sweden. I know literally nothing else about it beyond that.

  • The Granatgevär m/49 is a Carl-Gustaf recoilless delivery system, designed and maufactured by Bofors AB in the late 40’s. It’s one of the most widely used recoilless rifle designs in the world, is still in widespread active use today, and is notably designed to be operated by 2 people, not just one (though one person can operate it if need be). The original model (the one probably in use in-game) actually weights a whopping 14.2kg empty, and the individual rounds easily weigh 3kg each.


I use the klaucke which can get at start of game with silencer


Wow dude you don’t even know how much time you’ve just saved me for the research side on some of these guns. As you say for a few of them it’s hard to pin point the exact model, but all of this trivia is awesome, so genuinely man thank you for this insight here :raised_hands:
For the shotgun, i was looking into it for the next video i might do and i believe its a remington 870 express based on the way the special is designed and a few things like the grip and the length of the barrel, of course thats all assumed off the aesthetic in game.
but again legendary information here my dude, and i will put it all to great use informing players, because im sure there are lots of us out here that are into guns, but just haven’t spent enough time learning about them!
(i feel like that information about the .50 cal will get some good reactions :joy:)


The AI-76 is a tough one. It appears to be a Russian Avtomat Kalashnikova (better known in most of the world as an AK), but the exact model is a bit unclear.

The AI-76 is based on the AK-74:

But you’re of course right, the ammo should be 7.62 Warsaw and not 7.62 NATO. :slightly_smiling_face:


just got to see the pics now that’s fresh! maybe now with some accurate pictures to reference it’ll be even easier for the developers to fix! :smiley:


No, the AK-74 uses 5.45x39mm ammo, not 7.62 Warsaw (though the 5.45 is just a 7.62 Warsaw necked down to a 5.45mm bullet). Hence why I’m thinking it’s an AK-47 (at least the caliber would be right then, even if the cartridge isn’t).


Most probably an AKM. (Modernized AK-47), Or an AKMP that has radium illuminated sights.


Glad I could help.

Also, now that I look closer, it does indeed look like the pump action is a Remington Model 870 variant (never been very well versed in shotguns).

And on the note of the .50 cal, yeah, it’s kind of crazy. About a year ago I was out at one of the local gun ranges and a guy actually had a Barrett M82A2. He fired it once and the pressure wave literally shredded the wire mesh dividers between the stalls (wish I still had the video). I forgot to mention by the way, the Barrett model 82 and it’s various variants are some of the most used anti-material rifles in the world (it’s designated the M107 in US military service).


Ah damn man, is it an indoor or outdoor range? if it were indoors you’d blow the ear drum out of the person next to you lol! yes i’ll def talk about that, i’m probably going to start off talking about how the Barrett is one of the most recognizable anti-mat guns out there due to its widespread use, its one of those guns that’s borderline iconic for what it does :smiley:
shame you don’t have that vid but i can still imagine, i remember watching a slow mo video on its shock wave and it just blows away all the dirt in a two foot radius around it :joy:


You can read about the Sjökvist (Sjögren) here


It’s kind of sad that upon reading the name of the Dutch manufacturers, I immmediately thought: ‘yep, that’s a Dutch name all right’…

Nice link though. The fact that it’s in-game and period accurate really highlights the sometimes absurd staying power firearm designs can have.


Yeah the Al-76 is their representation of an AK-47. If you look really close the models design is reimagined so they can create a close to life but probably keep legality out to save funding.

Al-76 was my fav gun till I randomly just killed a tank this week and got a gold tier Automatgevär 4. On fully auto with iron sights hands down keeps an amazing grouping and almost no climb. With a blue mag upgrade it holds 31 rounds and has 1/10th or 1/8th more in damage than the al-76. Making it my new found buddy.
Also very quiet with a suppressor.


Hey everyone! I’ve managed to put together another new tier list video, this one’s a little surprising for the results so it’s definitely worth a watch if you anyone favors the SMG’s in Gen Z!

The Kpist is a dang beast in this game. :sunglasses: thanks for watching!