I'm mourning for the NERFing of Normyra!

Oh, how they’ve nerfed Normyra! It used to be the perfect place for me to restock. There were no robots until you got the mission to go there, and not afterwards either. It was a hassle to get to (no safe house in it) and you either couldn’t take a bicycle (Logging Camp) or had to fight off a horde first (little hangar), but once you got there you had eleven guardrooms (each with two/three ammo boxes), a locked ammo store, the two Containers, the kiddie on the roof, and the walled enclosure.

Now, not only have they packed it full of Hunters, Runners and a Tank, but all the boxes have been nerfed! There are half as many boxes, and half as much in them. Oh desperate! I used to be in and out in half an hour. Last night, after doing Normyra, I still wasn’t restocked, so had to go to a Command Bunker. What a drag! I had forgotteen how long it takes to find the Acommodation and go into every poxy room, and then find the wretched loading dock. I was in there an hour and a half playing about up concrete corridors.

I hear of lots of people who have ammo coming out of their ears, but that’s a random algorithm - mine is far worse: I have to go shopping.

I’ve had nothing off a Harvester for the last twenty I’ve killed (and five of them Rivals) except a medpack - not even a T-shirt. FNIX Hunters only have .44 (which I don’t use), APOs are carrying nothing but buckshot (which I don’t use), so if I want ammo from machines, it is Military Hunters, APO Runners, or Tanks. I get nothing from anything else. Hence shopping. Normyra was the one peaceful joy. Every couple of days half an hour got me back up to Scale.

Yesterday, I killed two Level 4 Rival Hunters and they were carrying 50 rounds of buckshot between them, and nothing else at all. For those if us with a miserly algorithm, Normyra was our secret solution.

Can we have it back, please?

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Actually… if this is for everyone?
This is a good thing!

Brings back indeed shopping and the need for stealth/tactics.

Hi Xogger,

Really? Two hours traipsing through endless concrete corridors? What stealth? What tactics? :woozy_face:

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It transfers over into the open world, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, they should make the RNG so that ammo over all places are affected by X%…
But, in such a way, you still gain X% overall for everyone?

So, no matter WHO just walks in a place with containers of whatever type, you will get ammo in between Y% and Z%?


Haven’t been able to try the updated game yet, but now I’m really curious about what’s happened.
I’ve never used the bunkers for farming to begin with. 5,56 mm, 7,62 mm and .50 BMG is the only ammo I need, and the machines and lootboxes on Himfjäll have provided me with more than enough. Hope this hasn’t changed. :crossed_fingers:

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You just said what the issue is, for a WHOLE part.
Yes, ammo drop needs a nerf, as balance is totally out the door.
MORE AND ENOUGH is ALWAYS far too much… :slight_smile:

Well, I understood they’d done that, though it doesn’t seem that way in my game. Sometimes there is a lot of 7.62 floating about, for instance, and then you stack it in the Plundra for the lean times which follow.

If looting to survive is to be a part of the game, then they should make the ammo respawn every twenty hours gameplay - not four. Then you are forced to look for even a few rounds at a time, scratching through garages and sheds. Or, ammo isn’t an issue and in one of the bases there is an armoury full of more than you can use in a lifetime, from which you fill up by travelling there (maybe there’s no Safe House nearby).

At the moment it falls for me between two stools. Two hours opening doors and traipsing down corridors is immeasurably tedious. Normyra was a good compromise - it was looting and searching, but quick and simple (not to say peaceful).

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IF what you say is true, @Bootie, and it’s not just RNG messing it ore up for you, then I am AGAIN frustrated by the fact it is not made OPTIONAL.
Been saying since ever, and note that IF it is actually nerfed I am SO happy, they should not shove stuff forced through ones throat.

Now, I will not reply any further until more say this is also happining to them, as, as I said afore, it might be just bad luck on your side…

I disagree. I don’t think it should be nerfed.
The higher lvl. a character is, the less you should have to spend time looting for scraps.
Battling higher tier machines should give you back a good portion of the ammo spent.
Right now I probably have to spend 30 minutes restocking for every 3-4 hours i play.
If that changes into, let’s say 2 hours of fighting requires 1 hour of looting through every garage, house, car, container, whatever you come across, that’s a lot of fun thrown out the door…


Excuse me?
That goes against all game logic ever.
The higher a level you become, the harder a game should become.
It’s called scaling.
Thus less ammo in higher levels… is mere simple logic.
You yourself said, which I had highlighted in caps and cursive, that you have more than enough ammo.

This, by all logic, is just BAD.
And thus nerf is not just welcome… but actually NEEDED…
For balance sake.

Machines and ammo respawn endlessly, but if the ratio between machines vs ammo heavily start to favor the machines, then there will be a problem somewhere down the line, and will be more of a problem the more machines of FNIX or Apocalypse class (aka bullet sponges) they throw at us (and you choose to take on).

Not that I think that’s the case currently, just saying.

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When I said «more than enough», I meant enough to not have to go on bunker runs in addition! It’s no problem spending it all!
I disagree again. Yes, higher lvl. should be harder, but not in terms of forcing you to search through every garage and backpack on the island! Harder combat - less inconvenient looting, is my opinion.


Well, I cannot agree, it can easily become unbalanced in favour of the machines, true.
I would like a balanced out ammo drop, low in the early stages, increasing as you progress through the machine types: so let’s say: 40% at the Proto, 50% at the Mili, 60% at the FNIX and 100% of the current drop rate FOR ALL PLAYERS, thus NOT so RNG based as is, since the current RNG also imbalances the whole deal.
Some like @NJR87 have crap tonnes of ammo too much, some then like @Bootie apparently not enough.
RNG is awesome, but not in these extremes, a more lined out version would be highly appropriate…


Bunker runs were part of the game.
The corruption of too much ammo drops and Plundra destroyed that ‘need’.
Which by itself already is a sad thing, as this was in effect part of the (very early) game, and I for one would like to see this fixed.

Is this the first and only game you play, sir?
I ask this, as, if you DO play other games with levelling and gearing out DO use increase difficulty for farming.
If this is the only one you ever played, then please try other games to see for yourself.
If this is not the only game you play… then you’re basically lying to yourself…

Everyone here can confirm that games where you have to hunt for materials DO increase difficulty level wise in gathering these.

Again though: It needs to be balanced out.
And OPTIONAL, please, so all can decide for themselves whether or not they want a revamp in their game or not.
I severely dislike folks shoving things down one’s throat.

Ha ha… No, I have played a huge number of games for the last 25 years. :crazy_face:
Let’s take my favorite game as an example, Fallout: NV. In the beginning, you have to go rummaging through every container to scrape up the ammo you need. As the game progresses you find more ammo on enemies, more caps to buy ammo, and more components to reload ammo. In other words, the game gradually becomes more challenging, but you have to worry less and less about finding ammo. I think it’s the same in many other games too, or am I wrong?


Well yes, in a way you are correct, sir.
However, GZ has no economy, whatsoever.

If you craft, then in FO, then higher materials are much harder to come by: these drop less, and much harder enemies have these materials.
Seeing we do not (yet) have crafting, I cannot really compare it here, however, higher type ammo in FO is MUCH harder to find IN THE FIELD than low grade ammo, ain’t that correct? :slight_smile:

Excuse me @Bootie, but do you have the Salvage perk?

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You made me laugh out loud, @Bootie. I’m sorry. I can understand where you’re coming from, but I can only disagree on this. You’ve probably guessed, I’m a big fan of the area.

Norrmyra is a high-value, strategic location and houses multiple ammo and supply storages. It makes sense for the Machines to patrol the area, just like they used to do. Similar to the airbase, military compunds are meant to be high-risk/high-reward locations. Now, FNIX have returned to the neighborhood and you’ll have to rely on stealth and cunning to scavenge at Norrmyra.

I know it was empty for a time but it was never meant to be. I mean, I know you advocate immersion and believable scenario’s in the game, so tell me how it’s not a good addition to add Machines back.

If you want 7,62 ammo, Military Hunters is the way to go. With the Salvage perks and a good AG4 equipped they can drop some 100 rounds each :slight_smile:


Yes! Both of them! Until I started playing Xezr’s Harcore Challenge I had forgotten what it was like to find three rounds of 7.62 in a container! When I started, I used to just have enough for the next battle, but I never went past a house, or a shed, or a garage, or even a car without checking everything, and I had just enough to progress. I couldn’t afford to miss in action.

I’ve got the Components as well, hoping for a weapon, but I’ve had, like, eight weapons drop from machines in 350 hours, and two of them were when I was playing with other people!

I’ve never seen more than a 1* Machine gun, and that was from a Runner! I got my 5*, and my 6* AG4 from friends. On the other hand, I’ve had two crashes in 350 hours, so I count my blessings and carry on - Just don’t nerf Normyra! :woozy_face:

I went to Normyra, creeping through the forest, straight after the South Coast, looking for weapons, and it has been my blessing ever since.

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Bless you Xezr, I don’t really mind the machines - it’s the fact that the ammo containers have been halved in number, and halved in content too! I know because Normyra has been my salvation for ammo, and I have been there so often that I know exactly how many containers are where - in which room, in each guardroom (green portakabin). I know how to get in, and in which order to loot, so as to get in and out as fast as possible.

Last time, I went in empty as usual, and came out only half full!

Now, if they’re going to put machines back, then the ammo count should go up, not down!

As for Hunters - yes! Military ones are great, but where to find one? I was fighting up North in the town by the bridge for two hours last night and it was lousy with Hunters - every one an APO (which are useless for looting - just a waste of ammunition). I could creep down to the South Coast I suppose…