[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List


Massive bug for weapons that needs to be fixed ASAP! i play on Xbox but also have seen it on PS4 after looking down sights on any weapon and the trying to change weapons it will not swap until you try again for example I have shotgun looking down iron sights and leave sights want to swap to hunting rifle it will not swap until I press y again so it really slows gameplay and messes up battles when I cannot swap weapons all the time


Looks like this one is basically fixed. Old items dont currently count towards the total so it’s another fix that mainly helps to start a new game. Hopefully the retroactive fix wont work like the mission fixes and hide all of our clothes until we find them again.


As long as we can keep picking clothes items up I don’t think we need to start a new save. I’ll update the list.


Confirmed on Xbox one s. It seem pressing y or switch key too soon will trigger the stall. And you have to recycle through weapons to get t back on track.


This is fixed. I did this mission to completion recently, BUT Dr Peterrssons journal cannot be read. It does not go into your log, though it can be selected and taken from his body.

I tried to throw a sticky flare out of a container and it stuck in the air where the door would have been had it been closed.

I currently cannot complete The Girl Who Cried Wolf. I can pick up the newspaper from the table in the bedroom of Veronica’s house and the key is on the table beside it but it cannot be picked up so the locked room at the back of the house cannot be entered to progress the mission.

Platform: PC
Description: Unable to progress mission The Girl Who Cried Wolf from Veronica’s bedroom (cannot pick up key)
Steps To Reproduce: Play the mission
Images / Videos: none
Host or Client: Single player game.
Players in your game: 1
Specifications: i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz - 16Gb RAM - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 - 8Gb VRAM


Understood, I’ll update the list. Weird about The Girl Who Cried Wolf though, I did that mission the other day, even attempted to do it out of order and I could still complete it.


Hi there, not sure if it is a bug or not, but how does the health amount skill work? Because I have put 2 skill points into it but haven’t seen any boost to my health, it stays at a maximum of 100?


Health is measured in percent so, while the perks allow you to take more damage you’ll always have 100%.


Fashionista is supposed to be fixed. If I already have 200+ items that I have picked up will the count go up if I pick up an item I already have or do I have to pick up 200 different items?


I’m assuming that you’ll need to reaquire all the clothing items required for the achievement.


Add game crashing still.


That’s already on the list.


It would be nice to have a count of how many items I have collected.


I don’t see these listed, so just adding some things I’ve encountered recently (Playing on PS4):

  • I’ll get physically stuck in objects sometimes. This usually happens when I’m looting the back trailers of trucks.

  • I was unable to put ammo in the Automatgevar 4. I kept attaching the ammo, and it made the loading noise, but would never actually load it. This has only happened once for the first time yesterday, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Sometimes when pushing triangle to switch weapons, it just keeps bringing the same weapon up.

  • And while this isn’t necessarily a bug, it does get frustrating sometimes when hovering over objects (outlined in yellow) and it will not give you the “Open” option unless you’re at a certain angle.


This may be a long shot, but can you bring up the Remove Attachment menu and see whether there’s a duplicate attachment (TWO extended magazines, or TWO barrel extensions, etc.) attached to the weapon?


Yes, actually there were 2 scopes attached somehow. And I’m unable to unattach them…


Sorry to hear. I get that with the AG sometimes (the same attachment attached twice, preventing reloading). That is annoying enough, but at least I can remove the duplicate and then reload. :confused: Time to file a bug report perhaps.


Drop it and pick it back up


Thanks, I will try that!


I haven’t seen that duplicate attachment thing since the august update. The only time I saw it was when I emptied out my ammo completely by shooting. However, I could attach the other ammo type without problems (emptied out FMJ; could attach AP).