In-Game Mini Map


I think adding a mini map to the bottom corner of the screen would help a lot. It gets annoying having to go into the menu and go to the map page to see where I am.

Mini map for game
Mini map in the corner
Mini map in the corner

I personally disagree greatly and feel that if this was a intense shooter it would be necessary but i feel like its not that and a mini map would be unnecessary.


I am with Tri13 on this. I like a completely minimal HUD and have installed a mod that by hitting capslock removes everything completely so I can play with an entirely uncluttered screen (also good for screenshots). A minimap in one corner would drive me nuts. I actually get a sense of achievement by getting across the game world without opening the map screen.


But if they made it something that you could turn on and off in settings then id be down for having the option of having one.


I feel like a more interesting way to navigate is to remove markers on your screen and not specify your location on the map. What I’m thinking is almost like compass and lat/long items that can help you navigate the world, along with a blank map you could add markers on. This option would probably be optional, because some people wouldn’t like hardcore navigation mechanics. Just an idea :slight_smile:


I’d like an optional mini map in the corner. It’s not that much of a pain to go back and forth as it is now but sometimes it’s easy to get turned around when being chased by angry hunters and unable to check the map.


No for minimap, was it in Arma games where you could with key press get peek view or map from area where you are. That could be reasonable.

Compass and having map navigating would be nice. Only then houses should have mandatory numbers, area names and street names.
Because without those finding anything would be almost impossible.


But in combat you’re not going to be interested in finding out exactly where you are on a map. You extricate yourself from combat, or find a quite place in cover, and then get your map out.


I very much understand the call for minimaps in general. For instance I wouldn’t play Elder Scrolls (Online or otherwise) without a minimap mod. I’d have nothing against having a minimap in GZ, especially if it’s optional.

That said, I haven’t really missed the minimap in GZ for two reasons:

a) Despite the environment basically being a mix of few elements (field/tree/grass/rock), the designers were quite good at making a lot of the map sufficiently unique/recognizable so you can often tell where you are once you’ve spent some time in the game’s world.

b) GZ is very good in that it doesn’t put a trash mob in every bush. Not only does that make fights more rare, more meaningful, and more fun (and running from a fight a more realistic option), it also means you have a chance to stop and hide somewhere and read the map like @Saddletank described.

If memory serves, we didn’t have a quest marker in the bunkers during the beta, so it was possible to get proper lost in the dark while trying to switch on the lights/generators, and spend quite some time in there. The quest marker makes this much easier, but I’ve often wondered whether automapping wouldn’t have been better for the bunkers. To me, this makes sense: Your avatar is a Swede, presumably living in the area, so they probably know it reasonably well. If they don’t, maps of the area are probably readily available in houses or shops, perhaps even at bus stops. Conversely, your avatar wouldn’t know the bunkers, and maps/floor plans for the bunkers wouldn’t be available, so it stands to reason that your avatar would draw little maps while exploring.

So while personally, I’d be fine both with having and with not having a minimap in the game, having a (auto-mapping) minimap for bunkers would make a lot more sense to me than having a minimap for the great outsides. As in, it seems the more believable option, and the one with the higher utility to boot.


Great points, and I would have to agree with all of it. After reading everyone’s responses, I’ve come to the conclusion that a mini map isn’t necessary for me either.


At this point I’ve memorized the map well enough to not need a mini-map. Or at least if I see a landmark like the airbase or a safehouse I may recognize. Then I can just make a good guess at where I am based on that landmark.


Also: lighthouses.


Yeah thats true I guess


Please add a mini map in the bottom corner opposite from the ammo count having the mini map would be awesome rather than going into the physical big map as you are running or travelling . we can see it right there in the corner all the time . PLEASE consider this. Thanks and Love the game


That is a very good idea from you


But at least toggleable please because for me that would be an immersion breaker…

This is not WoWs or WoT… ;-/


I would go against this, even as toggleable.
Minimap as plain map would not give much, also as being limited size.
Quick peek map, set waypoint. Its not that time consuming.

And next step would be show robots, dead robots etc on minimap. Turning this game to clone to any shooter now days. No thank you.


The minmap is urgent at so a game Lonewolf, every pvp has a minimap, it´s not bad, the game has a minimap


I’m always playing solo and I sure missed this or that but never a mini map. In my opinion one doesn’t need that and it’s for sure more immersive to take a look at the map here and there and maybe set a waypoint, just like Lonewolf said. I’d think it would be of a bigger use if we were able to set, say two or three waypoints to mark more than one target.

Oh and btw this is not a PvP game… thank god… :wink:


it has crossed my mind when navigating some areas, but i always fall on no.
not having a minimap makes me pay more attention to the landscape and the houses, and it increases immersion.