In game purchases/ loot chest at every safe house!/ loads of goodies

  1. I highly suggest a loot chest that holds all your gear in it. Sell it to the gamers. 10 dollars. It will save me carrying loads of guns usinging up space. Also fundraising for speedier development.

  2. Add an achievement… Gun horder. Every gun in the game on special condition all collected in inventory or chest.

  3. Chest needs more space than inventory.

  4. Dead bodies now contain clothing.

  5. Guns now contain a sling strap… Assists in running speed and quickdraw gun change.

  6. Dirt bike.

  7. Ammo creation Station. Selvage unnessesary bullet/type

  8. Helmets need a boost towards protective attributes.

  9. Big flying boss/robot.

  10. Vip 12month/ $2 dollar monthly subscription. - assists in game development and unlocks all dlcs released.

… More to come in the future.

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Most of these are good ideas, and many of which have been mentioned already by other people. The devs read these forums regularly, so it’s a good bet they’re taking notes :slight_smile:

Check out the latest Letter from the Development Team for example, there may be something there hinting at certain future content.

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