In the Face of Adversity - 09/23

Again and still.

Why is this undoable for me for too long…

Got this info:

Do I miss any info or tricks? What do I have to do more than just ride a bicycle as hard as I can?
So frustrating now.

Nothing more.
Take a bicycle at the starting point next to the Bridge eastern of the airfield and start the race. Follow the route until you reach the containers at its end and open the container.

It may be a hard trip with the machines crossing the roads. You could use some experimental first aid kits (important: Take at least 5 of both types!) to get sure not to die while riding.

Maybe additionally your companion can follow you to attract the machines / distract them from you.

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This is the only missing mission for me. Game crashes EVERY time. Proximity to orstrevic is still a “game over” and this mission requires pedaling right through it which I can’t do. I’ve even gone so far as to login at a friend’s house to try it on a whole other console. No change.

No, it doesn’t require to ride through östervik.

Here you can see the route:

the machines are no problem for me, it’s just the time. I fail to bike as hard as I can to keep within the time limit. So no chance I’ll ever be able to finish this. That’s why it’s so frustrating to me.

What’s the problem? The obstacles?
Do you ride next to the road instead of on the road?
Some checkpoints maybe really are not easy, but others are.

All I can tell ya is it gets close enough. The entire area is an impasse for me. I cannot even approach. Been this way for years. After the main story I’ve never been able to return to the area even in anothers worlds. It’s the only place I have issues.

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It’s the combination of obstacles with time. Time is just nót enough, evertime (…) again.
So that becomes só frustrating and … keeps coming back in the missions of course.
It gets véry annoying.

Exactly! That’s what I mean :face_holding_back_tears: