Increase to red dot/scope sensitivity


The sensitivity when aiming is terrible, I don’t even use a red dot or scope on any of my weapons because of it, except for snipers of course. An increase to the sensitivity or an option to adjust it would be great, but that’s just my thoughts.


One does this, normally, in GZ: pre-aim unscoped, scope in, then fine aim, shoot…
For new target: unscope, pre-aim, …


I wrote about the reason for this sens difference here:How to improve GZ as a FPS - Problem 1- Mouse sens in Scopes


Or, at least when it comes to seekers/runners/hunters, quickscope! :slight_smile:


I get that, but if you’re ads and try to turn it’s horribly slow, if you’re scoping an enemy in close proximity while they’re moving around it’s quite difficult. You can do it the way you metioned but it would still be nice if there was an option to increase it. You can also hip fire but it’s more accurate to ads and with that increased sensitivity it would make it all the easier.


Hip fire is incredibly inaccurate in this game. I don’t know if there’s a difference on the consoles where you got aim assist, but on PC it’s horrible imho.


Yeah it’s not the best, maybe if you max your hip fire skill it would be ok but I can’t say for sure since I never have, and the aim assist does more bad than good. I don’t really have to hip fire much though bc without a red dot/scope the ads sensitivity is much better, oh and I definetly quick scope.


There are mods to adjust that, but the problem is that there is only one parameter to adjust scope sensitivity, and it includes all scopes - from red dot to 8-16x. So in short - if you’ll adjust scope aim sensitivity for comfortable use with red dot then other scopes will have very excessive sensitivity (the higher magnification - the worse it gets).

Only solution is to have different sensitivity for all magnification values, but that’s for developers to apply.


I suggested that here: Mouse sensivity slider for zoom level

But i would prefer, that the devs just equal all sensitivity levels first.


Yeah I understand. I didn’t specify but I was reffering more to the red dot, 2-4x and 1-4x scopes my bad, the sensitivity on the 4-8x, 6-12x and 8-16x are fair. As for the others they would be used in close to mid range combat so having more sensitivity while ads would be great, but I agree a different amount of sensitivity for each sight/magnification would be necessary.