Increasing player and structure inventory weight

It is extremely easy to disable sprinting or movement entirely while out taking down machines, even with the bare essentials for combat and survival. The main issue is that the storage box and recycling stations inventories fill up so easily, I have the weapon dlcs and they take up a decent chunk of my storage box’s weight. On top of that though, if your sprinting is disabled from the light weight cap you cant fast travel so you either have to walk all the way to a safe house or die to yourself or machines to spawn somewhere to deposit your stuff. This has been a issue ever since the new inventory system was added and I think we all would benefit from more space being added to the inventories max weight cap.

I think the opposite.
No one would benefit of that.
Manage your stuff, then you don’t need that much space.
There were times where we had just the half of it available, and even times without a plundra. Regarding ressources, we not just got increased storage space, but also much reduced weight of ressources.

If you’re overencumbered, move some stuff to the companions inventory, another new helpful option we got.

Or drop it.

With more space it’s just a matter of time until the next increase is requested. So just change your playstyle.


I agree. It wasn’t to long ago a player could craft storage to twice as much and not long after there was a demand by the novice players they need more. Stop picking up everything you find and start narrowing down what you pick up to what you need and use.

DLC weapons are one of those things. You get level 3 stuff in your locker, as you find better decide to recycle the level 3 and store the better weapons or use them. Why keep old stuff you are not using? If you want to be a collector of weapons and such, then toss the common stuff that takes up space.

Inventory is not the problem. People are lazy organizing things so they fill up fast. Just remove things you don’t need.

I’m literally playing himfjall survival challenge I’m doing.
And one of the rules are, I can’t use storages or crafting. And I’m not struggling from inventory that badly. Because I organize so my inventory won’t be a problem.

And lemme give you a tip.
Never loot when still in combat, if you do loot while in combat, that’s the reason why you get heavy out of nowhere.

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Agreed and not agreed.
Depends on progress, experience and maybe needs.
I have every weapon (except the experimental sledgehammer) in at least 5c quality (except the bow) and every cosmetic item. I don’t need to look for better equipment.

So if I destroyed one of the big machines (Tanks, harvesters, Wolves, firebirds), I loot them as soon as I get to them, no matter if I’m still in combat or not. It just takes a second (or two :wink:) for me. In general I just take medkits, Steel, sticky flares, grenades, 7.62, .50 cal and explosive rockets for the granatgevär.

No need to think about every single item. And in general these machines provide some cover while looting them.

For smaller machines it’s different. Sometimes I do the same for Hunters and Lynx, sometimes I don’t even loot them at all.

For newer players and characters I totally agree. Take the time, so end the battle first, then look for what you may need and carry.

This is for the more seasoned player, but a novice with little experience needs to/wants to collect everything. Main reason is they have not learned what to loot for their needs. They may still have low carry capacity and/or storage is still at 200 and not crafted yet. They would still need to collect resources to do so. That also applies to the runner.

Add to the fact, they bought the game with DLCs as a bundle and get all the level 3 stuff with ammo doesn’t leave a lot of space for adding resources. Good reason not to get all the stuff piled into the storage but must hunt for it all, that would help a lot. Remember the only weapon a novice player would have by the time they reach the first locker is a level 1 pistol, then they find they have level 3 weapons and ammo over stocking their storage. Not to mention all the other toys that come with the DLCs. So they pack all of it at once and they have very little room to add to the carry or storage.

To a novice the only answer is they need more space.

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I wonder how much space all the initial DLC stuff needs of the original 200kg. Someone who knows it for sure?

Finally, that’s one reason for my suggestion of a seperated DLC stuff box.

I would also add to this idea, that just the “DLC box” (maybe call it something else) should be shared over all worlds and characters, while the original plundra just should be bound to the used character.

I would edit the idea from each character to each world would have its own plundra storage and recycle stations. That way, you start a new world you also start with empty storage and resources.

I really think it makes sense that even when a player buys the DLCs, they have to hunt for them just like all the base game weapons. That is fair for ALL players and it isn’t so much pay to play as it is now for beginner players. As the player progresses through the map, there is a RNG mix of weapons that can be found and looted. The base sizes of storage will not be overstuffed just because they bought the DLCs.

This also allows the beginner player to better judge which weapons to keep, base game or the DLC ones. We that were already done with all missions and level 31 skills then the DLC weapons came out, they don’t seem like much because we already have level 5 and 6 weapons. We could also quickly adjust what was in our storage. Even had a lot of the resources to craft the larger capacities.

Remember when you first started to play and there was not as much loot to collect, and that goes for the ammo, that feeling of hopelessness and then found a level up weapon and hope was regained, even for a few moments. That disappears when a new player automatically gets a bunch of level 3 weapons with ammo. And all of the add-on traps too. Players don’t get a chance to learn how to use the gas cans, emps or lures before getting stuff that makes all that easier.

Putting the DLC stuff on the map and not in the storage helps the storage issue but keeps the lost feeling you get at the start of the game. That feeling is what kept me going and trying to figure out how to survive against the odds I was up against.

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To be true at first I wrote “either bound to world or character”.

But I thought about the different effects and the intention behind it and chosed “character”.

You have one plundra per world.
No matter which character you select, either an old or a new one, you start with nothing in your storage when starting a new world. So even your lvl100 character just would have what he has in his inventory.
On the other hand, the storage is shared between characters inside a world. So starting again with a new character in an existing world gives you everything you gathered with your other characters.

No matter which world you chose, you always continue with what you gathered with your character. If you finished the story in one world and start a new world with the existing character (like new game+), you still have all the stuff you found. By starting a new world with a new character you start with empty storage, as the character is new.
Of course, no exchange between your characters is possible (No mules any more), which for me personally doesn’t matter.

For me the second option sounded better.

I agree with the original post, mostly…

Your personal inventory already has a capacity most humans could not actually carry and there is a skill to upgrade that should you choose to go down that skill path. This part just requires checking and cleaning after each encounter to make sure you are not going to get encumbered in battle. The only issue here is that you can lose track of down enemies and miss out on their loot if you don’t quickly pick them over when they fall. Also, in some locations it seems like you get waves of enemies so you either loot as you go or potentially miss out entirely. There have been quite a few times I had to offload items to my pet, drop a Field Radio, fast travel to a safe house, and clean up my inventory so I could continue looting. However, I would not be opposed to increasing the carry limit if it helps out other players.

Storage is too limited for the amount of weapons/ammo/items you can pick up in this game. Especially when certain things have a minimum recycle amount. I have been playing daily on Console (Xbox) since 9/24 and my Recycle bench is at the limit of 500 already. The only Base Building I’ve done at this point is the first one you had to do for a mission. Other than that I’ve not done any of that content so I’m not familiar with how many and what resources will be required when I get to that point in the game.

At this point my main storage has only the best quality of each weapon I’ve found minus the four weapons I carry in my inventory and it stays near the limit of 400. I also have one of each of the best attachments I’ve found so far for each of these weapons. Until the point where I reached the limit in my recycle bench I was recycling the extra stuff and doing a decent job managing my inventories. However, once the recycle was full I had to start dropping crap everywhere across the land just due to lack of space. To this point I had never accumulated enough of the Comm Arrays or some of the EMP items and fuel tanks (large size) to even be able to recycle those, but I feel like I need to keep a few around in case I need them later on. Also, dropping or recycling those seems like a bad idea considering how rare they seem to be.

Then, the easiest way for me to know I’ve already cleared an area/room is to look at all of the containers that no longer highlight because they are completely empty. If I only pull what I need out of them they still highlight and after running in circles for a bit I cannot readily remember what I’ve checked and then I feel the need to re-check them. For my playstyle and memory limitations it is just so much easier to empty everything and sort it out when I get done clearing the area.

Now factor in that doing the daily FMTEL missions also reward you with items. Once your recycle and stash get full you pretty much have to remove stuff from the FMTEL box and drop it on the floor.

Having typed all of that I really feel like the Recycle Station should have unlimited capacity. That would give every player the ability to better manage their storage by recycling the excess junk they cannot or do not want to store. Then nothing is wasted and you aren’t forced to skip picking stuff up (for the reasons I’ve mentioned above) or required to just drop excess items on the ground. I also feel like we could use at least another 100 to 200 on the Storage Station considering how many weapons and attachments there are in this game. I am playing the Game Pass version of the game, so I don’t even think I have access to the DLCs right now, but I feel like storage is too small. Imagine having access to all of the extra DLC items and having no where to store them…

For all of those so against any storage increase, let me ask you this:

In a PvE environment such as this, how will increasing storage negatively impact this game for you?


  1. Just because the extra storage is there does not mean “you” have to use it.
  2. Let the game be fun for everyone and try to think about how everyone plays games differently and not always the same as you do.
  3. Don’t oppose change just for the sake of being on the opposition.
  4. For what it is worth, this game is freaking awesome and I will enjoy it with or without storage increases. I just feel like it might help improve the player base if it were more storage friendly and I would probably enjoy it more than I already do.

I will answer your question later.

:thinking: You can pick up everything. There are unlimited items. They are not uniques. It’s just the same again and again. So in your eyes you literally want infinite space for infinite loot? I don’t think that that’s the intention of the devs. It once was about surviving with the limited stuff you get and have… Well, that’s long ago now.

I have every weapon and attachment in best quality, even of every dlc, two times in my storage (except the damn experimental sledgehammer), I have about 50 to 70kg free space … and there are also about 70 firework boxes (1kg each!) inside.
I don’t see a lack of space.

The recycling station should have gotten much free space a few updates ago, as the weight of every ressource got decreased a lot. Well, and why does it bother you to have it full, if you don’t even use the ressources. Btw, some ressources can easily be thrown away if you don’t need them. There were times where you got specific ressources in enormous amounts, but just don’t needed them in these amounts.

Regarding the minimum amounts for recycling:
These amounts already have been lowered extremely. Now for most items you just need to have 1. In the past that wasn’t the case, except for weapons.

As I said, regarding your question, I will answer later.

Okay, maybe I didn’t word that properly so let me give it another try… No, I do not want infinite space for loot. However, I would appreciate being able to recycle everything I pick up that I don’t need. Then I can pick it all up and feel good about my recycling program saving the environment. Lol

The amount of ‘Unique’ items seems to be a lot. There are weapons, attachments for the weapons, Comm Arrays, Fuel Tanks, EMP Cells (all three of these in various sizes), Adrenaline Shots, Emergency Flares (plus Sticky version), Fireworks, Field Radios, Compressed Air Tanks, Explosive Tanks, Ammo Packs, Car Batteries, Land Mines, Paramedic Response Packs, Repair Kits, Grenades, Lockpicks, First Aid kits, and then many different ammo types (of which I currently have 24 different types) on top of all of that. I don’t keep a lot of these things, but space has still been a bit of a struggle for me. Especially in the early game when I could not upgrade the Storage Station.

I don’t want to keep everything and I understand you “could” collect many thousands of rounds of ammo, but don’t need to. I only keep a few hundred of each type of ammo, but it adds up quickly. I was recycling the extras because it didn’t feel like I was wasting it, but now I just don’t pick it up. As soon as I got 13 Small Fuel Tanks or Small EMPs I would recycle 10 of them for the resources, but now I don’t even pick them up either unless I know I’m going to use it right away.

Like I said, I can enjoy the game as it is without changing the storage. I just feel like it could be a bit better than it is currently and the original post brought up some valid points I can agree with.

*For what it is worth I only started playing the game on September 24th, so the past history of game mechanics has no impact on my current point of view.

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You may not know it but the negative impact is that increasing the storage is never enough for the player that doesn’t use what they are looting and then storing. The game is not designed around just collecting and storing stuff and never using it. If your recycle station is staying full, that means you do not craft anything and that also causes your storage to stay full. Which that means you are not able to sprint or fast travel very much because you are collecting stuff you are not using.

There was a high demand for more space in recycle and storage, it was added and new players stated it still wasn’t enough. And it never will be until players start balancing out what they loot, collect, recycle and craft.

BTW: After the storage increase there was a demand for better sorting of all that inventory, which the increase in space caused more time looking through all the junk and for some, even the sorting filters don’t help. They have 5 of each weapon and in every level. They want to carry 10,000 rounds of each type of ammo for every weapon, so demand a lot of space…when is it enough?

Balance between how long can you stay hunting for machines before returning to a safe house to resupply and restock on what you are running low on or out of…That is when you start crafting and recycling everything that you are not low on to replace what is low. Then sort through your storage for things you can recycle. When you start to make those hard decisions to keep or recycle you will learn that you have enough.


Okay, thank you for sharing your point of view. I haven’t been here long enough to know what has taken place with the storage situation or how much grief it may have caused the developers just by increasing it. That’s a fair point for sure.

Thankfully my inventory and Storage Station are not that much of a mess… Lol

In my opinion there are far more important things the developers can be working on other than storage. Yet I would still like to see the limit removed on the Recycle Station. It isn’t like I need to sort through that to pull out individual items. Then again, part of “My Problem” is that I’m not familiar enough with what is going to be required when I do get into crafting and base building. This causes me to worry if I’ll have enough of the correct resources when I get to that stage of the game. For instance, I probably have way too much steel for right now, but I only have around 20 concrete in the Recycle Station. I’m sure the recycle storage issue will fix itself when I get to that stage of the game.

Another question for the veterans… What items in the Recycle Station have low or no value? Is there a Wiki somewhere that gives an idea of what are good amounts to keep before you quit collecting a resource? It would make me really sad to get rid of half of my steel to make room and then run out of that resource halfway through building a base (if that makes sense).

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Those are mostly consumeables. No unique items. You can get them by loot or even crafting (which wasn’t possible not so long ago).

The firework boxes I own, those are unique items. I got them during an event. You can’t get them by loot or crafting in general. That’s why I still have about 70 of them in my box.

Besides of that, I just have some experimental ammo rounds and some often used consumeables in my storage (like sticky flares, fireworks, turrets, grenades, medkits, field radios) plus an emergency backup of about 3000 rounds 7.62 and about 1000 rounds .50 cal. and the mentioned two of each weapon and attachment in highest quality. Just what I use but is too much to carry currently.

Well, of course I must admit that it’s been a long way to get there. I also once had more of each in my storage. Ammo was rare, items (except medkits) couldn’t be crafted. I took what I found and stored IT for later use. Some stuff was needed or used more often, for example to complete the challenges. And I always had some items for making great planned traps with radios, fuel cells, gas/compressed air canisters, landmines, medium EMPs as throwables, car batteries for traps,… That’s all gone now. I don’t need it anymore and if I want to use it, I craft it or know where to go to get it quickly.

It’s a process. And you seem to currently not to be at this place. That’s ok. I understand that and the way you play. I was there, too. And you will be there where I currently am, too, some day.
For me it always was part of the game. A challenge without an explanation. That’s what made the experience of playing GZ so great. Depending on how far you’ve come and how experienced you became, the game changed how it felt like.

And that’s why I think that we don’t need more space. No player, but the game itself and the experience while playing it would be affected negatively if everything just will ever be increased for making it easier or more user friendly for the novices.

Now a little counterexample:
Some players like playing like a supersoldier, a god with guns, love arcadic shooters, but hate taking cover and dodging. They often die and often need to respawn at a safehouse because of quickly running out of adrenaline. So they request automatic healing and much more HP for the player.

Well, all players would die less often, no matter how you play the game. You can still take cover, dodge missiles and bullets, heal manually…

So obviously no negative effects for anyone would be there, wouldn’t it?

Would you support it?
Me not.

And another one which really was requested:
Automatic transfer of gathered loot to plundra and recycling station, so that you don’t need to waste time to get there and to sort out. Just pick it up and it’s stored.
No one is hurt by that, too…

These two examples are meant to show that a game can be destroyed easily by killing its transported feelings and experiences without actively adding negative effects on the players way to play.

That’s hard to say. Really. It depends on what you primary want to craft. I personally don’t craft much. I also don’t build bases any more… All possible bases are finished. I didn’t play defense missions for a long time, so never need ressources to repair or rebuild them.

I’m just low on steel. Didn’t pick it up for a long time, then rebuild one lost base (Bug) with many steel and concrete instead of wood… And now love to craft turrets which are quite expensive.
Besides of that I sometimes craft some experimental ammo, no large amounts, so not worth to talk about the needed ressources for that.
But I really often craft advanced first aid kits. I always did. The needed ressources for them often changed in the past. The amounts or types you need, the amounts you get or find in the world, now the amount of how many kits are crafted by clicking once… Hard to say, but I always took every thread and fabrics I found, plus every simple and medium first aid kits for recycling.

If you have thousands of a ressource that you just rarely need and you need space in the station, throw away a few thousands (maximum the half) and see how you can live with it. The demands may change of course… And the values, too, if the devs adjust the crafting etc again.

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I see decent amount of people think the opposite, for the record I don’t pick up everything and I have my stuff organized. It does not matter if you are a organized player who tries to manage the storage or not, the fact is you get things you need or want to keep like 5* weapons and attachments or the essential utilities like health kits. It all hits the limit no matter what, I only had my weapons, the ammo I use and my utility items I use and attachments and ended up with the storage issue. You try to manage it by throwing out or dismantling your lower tier stuff and it still does nothing in the end.

My friend who hoards loot instinctually like he is playing fallout is the one thats expected to have storage issues, which they had. Going around treating anyone who winds up with storage issues as a person who loots everything under the sun that does not scrap or drop any useless items makes no sense.

Different opinions are just legal.
But how does it come that it’s enough space for me and not for you, even if we just store the same items?

I’d guess you have way more ammo stored than me. That’s in fact in most cases the reason for being overencumbered.

It’s a great difference between 3000 rounds and 10000 rounds for example.

Finally, let me tell you all that Carni told in one of the latest streams, that the team will look at it. If it’s balanced in all ways, it’s possible that more storage upgrades will come, or that weights will be changed.

This often is the problem. Starting a new game most players look for similarities to other games they played. And they try to copy their playstyle from other games… Until they recognize that it doesn’t work. So now you have two options: trying to change the game to the used playstyle or changing the playstyle to meet the games intention. Well, a third option is there, or even quit the game and look for something else that looks “more promising”.

Everyone knows these situations. It happend for example every time you switched from last years CoD/FIFA to the newest one. Or from one racing game to another one. That’s usual. That’s human.