Insane amount of machines (starting island)


This is a clip from the very first bunker mission you encounter(well I guess 2nd if count 1st mini bunker), and this is what will make new players probably stop playing and rage quit lol… I had no Adrenaline syringes, so reviving was not an option, and also not much ammo. The closest safe house was the one in that first mini bunker by that Stathlem town (don’t remember how to spell it) so it was a run and a half away from here. Needless to say if I died I was done for the night. In the end I counted 16 walkers, and 4 hover bots, and this was just outside the bunker. Then I had to deal with all the walkers and ticks inside and was basically using medkits as I found them as well as ammo.


Sort of agree.
I tried to get to the naval bunker while playing co-op with a friend. Holy crap, there must’ve been fifty or so enemies.


I agree as well, there is so many Hunters than what i’m used to. And this time you don’t have your handy four crown guns to shred them.


Early game I tend to agree, however, its surviving thos fights that makes this game legendary. :slight_smile: You had a submachinegun there, which is good enough to take out the runners.

Just be abit more brave and open one door so you can shoot them more easily. Aim for their gastanks on their backs.


I’m torn, y’know. I hate running into these HUGE packs of Runners… Sometimes they come crawling out of the woodwork like… Fifteen of them at a time, all with different weapons and such. And it’s notoriously difficult to encounter them out in the open. But I like the challenge, most of the time.

That being said, I agree that the starting island does not need packs that big. 3-6 of them should be enough for new players.


What about the several Hunters on the starter island?


The way it was before robot patch was fine , they just needed a few gap roamer’s not a whole army , adding the Set pieces ‘’ tents , car’s , etc ‘’ with a few baddies would have been sufficient to fill void spaces, as soon as floater’s grass us up every bot on map show’s up lol , ohwell i love this game so gonna suck it up and get the job done , PS can we get a fix on the canister’s with 1 percent damage please im having trouble with latest science project ( MOON LANDING ) :lab_coat::eyeglasses::rocket::+1::sunglasses:


I wouldn’t mind a few Hunters on the starter island, to teach players about them.


There are several hunters on the starter island now.


On my ps4 base model the auto save does not work and it doesn’t show up even when I get to a safe house is this a bug the devs need to fix or is it only happening to me please help I really like this game


here is how I fight from these buildings, jump in the sink and crouch. Gives you great visibility but the bots don’t appear to see you. Shoot through the windows. The only thing that does happen is a runner may try to melee you. But they generally don’t shoot.


I’m on the third island and after the may update there is too many robots for me to handle as a single player (which i prefer). I came to a farm that had TWO tanks and three hunters. On top of that some runners. Across the field were a burning convoy was located, there were more hunters and more runners. This will be impossible even to scavage for supplies, let alone complete missions. I really love the game so hope this isn’t meant to be.


You get taught about Hunters when you’re forced to fight the one on the bridge to progress into the island past Salthaman. What the hell is the point of going north if I can find FNIX on the airfield barely a third into the mainland and I get were supposed to pick our battles wisely but at this point it’s just about avoiding combat altogether until you’re lucky enough to find an AR and spent enough hours stocking up on ammo for it. The game has lost all the fun value imo, I play games based on my play style not because the developers are holding me hostage forcing me to play their way or suffer the wrath of having absolutely no fun. Please allow casual players to play casually, the current system panders to people who have the time to waste looting for hours or leaving their game on to reload loot but people who can only play for an hour or so at a time or for a few minutes are completely screwed. Not everybody is a hardcore gamer. Apologies for the minor novel, I just prefer the 1.04 bots to their new system. Feels like a step in the wrong direction for the beginning of the game.


What can be done is to try and find new ways to balance the game so that as many people as possible benefit from it. Though I’m not sure what differentiates “hardcore” and “casual” in this game. It’s not really about that. You can play your way, move from area to area looting ammo, and engaging with small-sized groups of enemies at your own pace. If you want to take on bigger enemies and assault military bases, you’re going to have to make sure you’re ready for it.

Picking your fights and avoiding enemies is part of the game’s core gameplay, it’s very difficult to just steamroll everything even if you spend a good few hours looting ammo. You don’t need to be particularily “hardcore” to manage this game, but it is supposed to be difficult at times.

No need to apologise, it’s good feedback.


@robotron , i think maybe you fill out a bug report for that , aye you need to goto bug section fill out a report there i have found same topic :point_right:PS4 will no longer play a saved game after the latest update! , :+1:


This bunker called Vesslan has got a rear access at the opposite side, close to the seashore defended just by one red runner and one seeker. There is a third access on the top of the hill guarded by 3 runners. Feel free to choose your entrance :smiley:


I know where to aim man… and if you would’ve read, you would know that I had NO adrenaline, and as you saw every time I showed myself for half a second I got melted and was burning through my med packs. Also, the nearest safe house was quite far away, and my smg had like 120 something rounds. And the gas tanks are the only thing I aim for, it’s just not that easy to be accurate on console. So if I died I would’ve had to spawn back in really far away, and everything where I had to spawn was looted so it’s not like I could’ve gotten more meds and ammo before going back… why don’t you go back and start a brand new game, then you’ll see how hard it is to fight them outside in the open, and try shooting their gas tanks which means standing still long enough for all 10 or 15 of them to shoot you at the same time. And how those simple med packs are basically useless when there’s this many of them. Nothing to do with “being a bit more brave” when I know I can’t revive myself and if I die I’d have wasted all the ammo I already used and meds, and couldn’t re loot anything for more.


I was doing this as you see in the clip. However, I cannot shoot them when crouched, I need to stand up, and as soon as I did that I got melted and down to 3 health in a split second. And the melee that they were doing, actually was hitting me and knocking me down through the wall, which I would then get stuck hanging off the sink till he could stand up again.


I’m with you on this entire post dude. Basically is just a creep and run away game now for solo players… and with canisters not doing any dmg you’re left with only bullets, which you tend not to have a lot of in the beginning.


I find it curious that the game is an open world game that lets you “play your way”, yet every time someone finds an unorthodox way to do something, it gets changed because “that’s not the way it was intended”. Kind of ruins the whole open world concept, doesn’t it?

I understand it’s supposed to be played smart. You have to pick and choose your fights carefully and determine the risk / cost / reward thing. It was like that before too, only things needed a bit of tweaking. But it wasn’t tweaked. It was changed drastically. The more the game changes, the more we’re being forced to play the game a very specific “intended” way in order to get through it. Sort of sucks the fun right out of it when the game wasn’t like that originally.

I can just imagine what Quake would have been like if id Software would have changed the game every time someone found a new way of doing things (like rocket jumping).