Interacting with the surroundings


Bashing machines is cool. Looting ammo crates, absolutely. Biking, yeah okay, but I prefer to walk. Opening doors, fine (it is hard to get inside otherwise). Using the binoculars, excellent. But there is so much more we could do in terms of interacting with the surroundings. I really got a kick out of lighting a bonfire at a campsite, and playing the church organ is good fun. It creates a kind of satisfying emotional response. So here is a few ideas (not all of them mine, though):

Have a drink: I know, this is not a survival game and it shouldn’t be. However, how about picking up one of the glasses in the kitchen to have a drink of water? That could restore one HP. And if you have another glass after five minutes, you’ll restore another HP. That would allow for regeneration without using health packs.

Have a snack: The left-over food on the plates in the dining rooms have probably gone stale by now. But how about having a snack left in one of the cupboards or the fridge? A box of Spunk could restore another 3 HPs (“Spunk” is actually a Danish candy - google it yourself!). Or a tube of “Kalles Kaviar” - everybody loves that on a cracker.

Light the fire: As @nugar mentioned in another thread, the mantle pieces have apparently never been used. And, like @Saddletank mentioned recently, it would be so nice to cuddle up next to a open fire after a hard day of machine bashing.

Take a nap: Don’t laugh, but just as I always lock the doors, I also “tug in” my character in a safe house before leaving the game. Well, I’ve grown attached to the guy! How about letting the character lay down on the mattress, when you click it? I would feel better knowing, that my character was fully rested, when I returned to the game later :smile:

Play my tape: Ok, this might not be easy in terms of copyrights. But it would be sooo cool, if we could listen to the mixtapes we’ve picked up.

Exploring houses becomes a bit tedious after you’ve done 100. That would be nice to spice that up a bit.

Please add ideas to make the open world experience even better than it already is.

Btw: If you do a Christmas theme, as I believe @SteampunkPagan has suggested, please don’t forget the mistletoe and a nice “tomteflicka” underneath it :heart_eyes:


Can we light the campfires? I didn’t know.


Maybe we could use the nice stereo equipment that most houses have installed? Blast some ”Whiplash” on them to blow of some steam. That could attract machines though…


What if almost every loose item in the game could be picked up? Then you could throw a rock in the other direction to distract a machine from finding you. Or grab a bunch of pillows off a bed and throw them on the ground so you could jump off the roof. Or use a blown-off car door as a temporary shield. So many interesting little “action sequences” could be made possible.


Especially useful would be melee weapons

Look what I found just laying around.
I bet a good axe to the face would mess up a runner’s optic sensors


Ladders! I’ve come across a few, that you can actually use, be most you can’t. Imagine you could move a ladder to get inside a locked house using the balcony door, or get a good vantage point on a roof for a fight. And we really, really miss a crowbar (cheers, Gordon). Then we can break and enter the currently unaccessible huts and shops.


I think that adding the need to eat, drink, and sleep would be great. It would make gameplay more realistic, and add a bit more urgency and purpose.
I understand it would become somewhat more about survival, but combat in a way is already survival.
But here’s how it wouldn’t be typical survival. To get sustenances you have to loot. Every time I see a Kundsam, (which looks like a little grocery shop) I want to get in and see what I can pilfer from the shelves.

It would add more difficulty, so I would want settings that would add hunger, thirst and fatigue if the player chooses.


It would be fun if we could pillage the stores and carry food in our fjallraven. It would take up a few slots which would last a few days. Okay now that we have the Plundra to store the weapons we don’t use on a regular basis. I believe that would work, and since food seems to be plentiful (e.g. stacked in most safe houses), eating would not exactly be a problem but more like something to remember to do. Makes sense to me.

Playing solo I really get lonely sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could enter one of the phoneboxes and call “frøken ur” (miss clock) and listen to her soothing voice speaking out the time of day?


Playing solo I really get lonely sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could enter one of the phoneboxes and call “frøken ur” (miss clock) and listen to her soothing voice speaking out the time of day?

“Klockan är… 08.45.” Or gasp play co-op with a friend! :stuck_out_tongue:

But more interaction is always fun. It’s been in games since Duke Nukem 3D. You could use the mirror, use the toilet, drink from water fountains, flip light switches… Even touch electrical outlets, for some reason.


Yes, I must do some co-op soon. Haven’t done that yet. One problem is that GZ doesn’t support cross-platform gaming (please correct me if I’m wrong). And I would live to try it out. That said GZ works great in solo.

Still, “frøken ur” would be nice :smiley:


Care for a match?


Where was that? Never seen a football before.


Somewhere along the west coast. Not that far from Norrmyra :wink:


I don’t know about player interaction with world objects but sometimes the machines fail at it as well. Apparently a good defence for your home against Hunters is to put up a picket fence. Garden gates completely defeat them!


Do I need to buy a license?


Less pillaging and plundra, more (new) machines instead.