Interesting locations

close enough, it’s norwegian

i understand most of it, i am swedish

well then we are figuratively neighbors

SO… I just stumbled upon this in the western Farmlands north-east of Österviks Industriområde

It’s completely flat and empty except for a flag pole in the center

I’m not sure it came with the resistance update or it’s been added earlier but it looks strange


This i found yesterday night. That looks like a photo laboratory.


I’m relatively sure that it was with the Resistance update. But i can be wrong as well.

As far as what i could be - my best guess: another location for player base.

Found this walled off FNIX area, had a couple proto hunters and some harvester loot caches.

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If you have a look at my Memory Map4 you will see that I have marked at least 10 of these flag poles. I’m sure there are more. They are everywhere.

Looks like you may have found Elsa

I don’t think it’s her.



Elsa has a unique model and you can actually meet her in person

Nevertheless, a cool setpiece.

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Well to be fair, it was only a joke as Elsa is at the Bjortunet Hotel - but do appreciate the clarity.

I don’t know if this is already mentioned, but there is some creepy fishing location at Vastra Mark in the Farmlands where you can find 3 burning candles in a row and 4 bodies laying at the lake near the yellow boat.

BUT most important that’s also a place where you can freely walk underwater… YEP
Just try it in the yellow indicated region.

Pitty to see there is no fish… poor fishermen :joy:

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Today, when playing, i came across a new POI in South Coast, that i don’t remember seeing, when i was playing FNIX Rising missions back in June '20.

Did i really missed it or was it added in with the Resistance update? :thinking:
It’s located just West of Fiskerbäck with unique looking structure symbol, when viewed from the map.

You missed it :wink:


That’s a bummer. :disappointed:

At least, that shows how big the GZ is and it’s nice to discover new POIs, even after months have passed since i was last there. :smile:

Yep, you missed or forgot this location.

I missed it since when i went there, i got the location discovered XP pop-up and it also showed up on my map as a POI icon.

Did you jump in the water…

Spent a lot of time there, is stunning at night

AliasDJA yes, just do it in the yellow marked region