Interesting locations

Set piece. There should be something near it to tell you.

There were also some mines there :wink: .

Found this place near Ålnäset
Not much in the form of loot but a nice place to chill with some friends (if you have some :frowning: )

Some more pics

Damn, I missed those! :man_facepalming:

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So far I found two of these red light dwellings. I think it’s from an Arty family

maybe they are communists?

Could be. People from all walks of life love art. Who knows what the red light symbolises? :red_circle:

Isn’t it obvious? Glorious Communism, comrade.
The room also has a LP Vinyl record player so i just imagen that they were playing Smooth Rest Cafe in there, while drinking vodka.

Yes Soviets Communists… It is obvious. :grin:

A rather roomy bathroom near IGA safehouse… probably made for someone with extremely long arms :wink:


Found another cave. It’s empty. So not very interesting.


Found some new (for me) location. Here a photo series to show what happened…
Smuggers? Stashing stuff to their stash, got caught in a fight. It didn’t end well for them.

See here the full Visual Lore

Landing ashore.

Carrying chests from the boat to the wheelbarrel.

Got caught up with some deadly doggies.

The path to the stash.

A glimps of the digsite.

Shot down while contemplating existentialism.

The dig, the stash.

Stash open for grabs.

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Well guys, I found another new cave. This is why I love this game so much.

Happy hunting…

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So, just wandering around near Borgakulan safehouse and I spotted 3 crates nearby and decided to investigate. First 2 were very normal crates but the third was well… different

This was not what I expected at all but it sure was even more of a surprise to then find a Granatgevär in the back

Edit: here’s the location on map if you want to find it

The car in the Container isn’t new, but of course intersting.

Is it not? Huh I never found it before

It’s part of a mission in that area, related to smugglers. I think you pick it up at Norrmyra.

That was one of THE hidden spots for ammo back in the day. Be sure to check out the new locations due East as well.

Weird I’m sure I have completed every mission in the game, how on earth I forgot this I got not clue

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Yes, it was the side mission Contraband

“Location: Marshlands Region
It appears a member of the garrison was trying to smuggle military equipment out of the artillery regiment base. He had a stash nearby, likely inside of a container. Finding it could prove useful.”