Introduce yourself

Hey there :slight_smile:
My name is Bastian, 38 years old and Pc Gamer. Found this awesome game on Youtube (Gronkh plays it). Now I join the forum to see how the game developes. Hope to play it someday in beta or at least, when it’s done! :smiley:
Oh and GREAT Work so far! I love it :heart:


Welcome to @Alphawar and @Ganeria thanks for joining the introduction.

Hello, I`m from Norway, 30 years old. just heard about this project.
looking forward for this, me and my gaming friends are ready.

Greetings from Kristoffer.


Hi my name is Kristoffer.
I was lucky and got a key for the closed beta, but unfortunately my old Phenom II works great for newer games like The Division, PUBG, No Man’s Sky++ paired with a GTX 970.
Generation Zero on the other hand just crashed a few seconds after I recorded a snap of the cool retro casette loading screen.
So in short, the cake is a lie at the moment, and I hope this will be fixed soon.


Hello all I am know as Grimwall from USA,
Found out about this game from a You Tuber ING. This seems like a great open world game cannot wait get a chance to play it.
Till next time, Later

PS: I will be a PC player.


my name is kitty, my friends call me kitty, my family also calls me kitty :cat2:

i signed up for the newsletter a long time ago, sometime in august maybe, and i’m really enthusiastic about everything in this game! i love the concept and the theme and how everything blends together really well, you dont always see this sort of thing in video games.

always passionate about helping people out, so if you have a question or need help with something in-game related, dont be afraid to talk to me, to be honest im pretty new to this sort of moderating thing too (i dont have much experiece with moderation) but i do what i can to help this community grow :blush:

also i really love documenting things, and ive created a giant huge post about everything in-game, please do check it out here i would be really grateful :smile:


I’m Solensia.

I’m a Gen-X Kiwi, so I love the 80’s retro vibe. Been into computer games since the likes of the BBC Model B and the Commodore Vic 20. Loved the beta, aside from the inventory issues, and I’m currently playing No Man’s Sky, Blade and Soul, and Overwatch.


Welcome! Hope to see you around on the forums.

Hi eveyone ! It seems that there is no Frenchy here… I can remedy that :wink:
My name it Guillaume I’m 36 years old daddy… I play video game for a long, long, long time… and I’ve got a new passion : post apo games… Of course, I should play Generation Zero.

Thanks for the closed beta guys ! It was very fun and I’m impatient to play the game.

See you.

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My name is Troublemaker, don’t worry I’m more friendly than the name sounds. I’m from Germany and in the middle 20. I play MMORPG’s most of the time but I do enjoy some good single- or “small” multiplayergames.

I didn’t notice the game until I’ve found some videos from a german youtuber about the beta. It caught my attention immediately. I really love the Just Cause franchise, that’s the reason I’ll buy this game without thinking twice. Needles to say that this is gonna be another good game by the developer :slight_smile:

Have a nice day or evening, whenever you read this. <3

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I construct and build robots, it would be nice to destroy for a change :smiley: let me know then trial version will be available, together with my colleagues we will test it in depth.

Have a nice day/evening

Hello everyone,

My name is Sir Vincent Turmsturm (37) from Germany.

I like to play Games since my Childhood and my wall full of Games begining from the Intellicon up to the Ps4 (dont worry, there are enough PC games too^^) speak for itself ^^

I got a Beta Key on the last day and only had a few Hours to play that awesome game… “sniff” :sob: I played until i had to drive to my own Master Exam but after i heard from that game (1989? My Childhood! Need to play this !!!) i had to test it ^^

It is a great game but for me (my own opinion) there should be more Easter Eggs! Cant wait for this game to come out ^^

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Hello everybody! I am Devin from California. I am an avid gamer who could really use a beta key *wink wink. I am looking forward to the release and plan to spend many hours looting a new world and destroying all of those pesky machines in the most creative ways =)

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Hello fellow Survivors!

Fredrik from Sweden here. Gamer, art creator (old school with pen and paper), streamer and also security manager and Merch manager for a Swedish band. Really liked the beta and will buy the game asap! Love the gamelore, gamesense and gameplay! Hope to see you guys in the game some time! :slight_smile: Have a good one everyone!

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Hi everybody, Unregistered here from Amsterdam.
Pre-ordered the game, really excited for this game.


Hello, I am Graywolf2469.

I been so used to playing solo games, that now anything out there is multiplayer or Co Op. I have to get used to these ways. I am not a professional player or a troll. I enjoy FPS Games the most. Nice to meet you all. I didn’t get access to the Beta, but seeing what I have seen, it worth preordering and wait until March.




Well don’t stress too much on that front @Graywolf2469! This game is easily played solo as well! :wink:

DragynWyllow, here. New (ish) to PC gaming and playing co-op. More used to RPG and solo-ing. Gen0 will be the first game that wasn’t suggested to me, a game I found while browsing “upcoming 2019 survival games” videos. I’m hoping by being more active in forums like this, I’ll have a better appreciation for gaming communities regarding games I actually like and not just games I watch other people play. Hope to see you guys 26 March!

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Hi, my name is Tri16 or sometimes known as Tri13, I figured out about gen zero back in Dec and have been on the hype train ever since. I love survival games such as The Long Dark, Subnautica, Astroneer, and I love the Resident Evil series but have never been able to play it. I am so happy to be part of this community. See ya :wink:


Hey all! My names is Alex (Im Hadriaxx in the discord server). I am 20 years old and live in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA.
Ive been a devoted gamer for about 6 years now, my first few completed games being Halo 1, Bioshock 1, and Deus Ex Human Revolution. I mainly play FPS Games, but I love new stuff!!
I am a PC gamer, and i did play the beta.

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