Introduce yoursell


Hey all! My names is Alex (Im Hadriaxx in the discord server). I am 20 years old and live in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA.
Ive been a devoted gamer for about 6 years now, my first few completed games being Halo 1, Bioshock 1, and Deus Ex Human Revolution. I mainly play FPS Games, but I love new stuff!!
I am a PC gamer, and i did play the beta.


Hi Hadriaxx im tri16 on disord but i think you know that


G’day mates,

I’m an 18 year old Aussie pilot and gamer. I first discovered Gen Zero not long after E3 when it was announced and have been an avid follower ever since, I had the absolute pleasure of playing in the Closed Beta back in October and am so very hyoed for the game to release!

You will almost always be able to summon me in the Discord server, however, if I’m busy I’ll get back to ya!

If you see me around, be sure to say g’day!


hi there :grin:

my name is Roger (38) and im from aarburg in switzerland :switzerland:. for all u.s. guys, switzerland and sweden are the same :rofl::joy:

i play on ps4, survival games and rpgs like dead by daylight, the long dark, skyrim, resident evil or fallout if it is not 76… and for the moment i am overhyped from gz and cant wait to play it :crazy_face:

in normal life i watch that the trains keep running by caring the data network trough the country.

so cant wait to play your game and hope more from this team will follow :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


I feel your struggle. “Oh hi swedish guy, is it cold in Sweden?” :roll_eyes: Hello, fellow Swiss guy:)


Wait switzerland and sweden are the same??!




Hello to you.

Okay, my name is Kai, 48 years old, :gemini: from germany :de: ( a little couuntry in the middle of europe, next to france :fr: ). haw haw ;).
I play games on PC <- very important. If not, I am modding or working with 3D Programms.

Next is for other german players, so I wrote it in german:
Wenn ihr auch aus diesem kleinen Land seid und eher alleine zockt, meldet Euch einfach. Da findet sich bei uns (GameSquad / NoNameMod) immer ein oder zwei, die mit euch spielen.

If you also are from this little country and playing alone most of the time, make a contact. There will be a place for you with one or two mates, playing with you <- postet to make some german speaking contacts)

best regards