Inventory sorting option and healing, explosives categories

The ability to sort inventory by grouping ammo types by name would be a bonus as the ammo is all spaced out all over.

Having a category just for explosives would be a boon so you don’t have to sort through the load of junk you’re carrying to locate the grenades bunched up between some flares you found and the 100 other items you might be scavving.

Also, a category for just healing items would speed up play as having only 4 quick-slots makes for hairy encounters…

Heck, make additional quick slots a perk ?


The ammo is sorted (both in your inventory and in Plundra) by the time they were added, where the latest additions are at the bottom of the list.

For example: i’ve manually sorted my inventory and Plundra as well to keep the ammo i use in the neat order i want.

Screenshot (click here to view)

As seen from screen, inside Plundra, i’ve put all the ammo that i constantly use at the bottom. Also, i never clear out the Plundra of any ammo type, leaving minimum of 1 round in there, so the ammo order list won’t be messed up.

And on my inventory side, my most valuable ammo is on top while lesser ammo types are at the bottom.

You can take my inventory management method as a guideline if you like.

There aren’t that many explosives in the game to make separate list for them (grenades, smoke grenades, land mines, red gas cans, compressed air cans, yellow poison gas cans). Also their sorting order is same as with ammo.

With only three types of first aid kits and four quick-slots, i don’t see the need to add additional slots. And while first aid kits share the same list with all quick-slot equippables, you can make it easier yourself by ordering the inventory list manually.

I’ve also manually sorted my equippables list.

Screenshot (click here to view)

As seen from screen, my first aid kits are on the view without the need to scroll down. Other equippables are down on the list. Of course, i don’t use lures/grenades that often, leaving 3 out of 4 quick slots for first aid kits. On any event i need to use other equippable (e.g paramedic response pack or heavy comm array lure), i’ll replace it with quick-slot 5, leaving two other slots for first aid kits.

While this is correct, it’s a singularly non-helpful sorting pattern, as it will scatter items in an idiosyncratic pattern which can be an actual detriment when time is of the essence as a given item could appear anywhere on the list.

While this is possible, and I’ve actually done this with ammunition and weapons, it is exceedingly tedious, especially if something is accidentally removed from the Plundra. It is even more aggravating if a resource is depleted in the inventory, as the process of reordering that is needlessly time consuming.

This is not a solution, it is an obnoxious, time-consuming, workaround. Even just the ability to reorder the inventory manually via dragging and dropping would be an enormous improvement.


I couldn’t agree more.


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