Stash Box sorting

First, I would like to say that i’ve only been playing this game for a few weeks. A friend of mine gifted it to myself and another friend, and we’ve since gotten others to get it so we can all play together! This is usually not the kind of game I enjoy, but I am liking this one so far! We got the first DLC, too, and have been enjoying that as well!

I have seen other posts about inventory sorting and the like. I would propose something a little different than I have seen here so far. When you open your inventory in game, there is usually a button you can press (on Xbox One it’s ‘X’) to pick up an item and move it around to another spot in your inventory. I would propose adding this feature to the stash screen as well. Allow us to not only move items up and down in our stash list so we can arrange things how we like them, but allow us to pick up something from our inventory and move it to the stash list where we want it. Or, vice versa, pick up an item from the stash and place it where we want it to go in our inventory.

Just something some of my friends and I have been talking about. Would be a nice feature!


I think, if i get it right, it’s about sorting?

If so, how would you feel about tabs: Weapons, Ammo, Traps, HP…?

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I mean…this would definitely be better than we have right now. It would be easier if we could just move things around how we want them, though.

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It’s definitely one of the more requested features so I wouldn’t worry. The devs are aware that many want this (including myself!) so it’s likely we’ll see further upgrades to the Plundra in the near future :slight_smile:


And when you say “sorting” you also mean “searching”, right? So that you have a search bar in the top, and can type “ammo” or “grenade”, and it immediately filters your Plundra… :face_with_monocle:

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IF they bring in tabs, it already is pre-sorted and easy to oversee?

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A tabbed plundra would be great. And it should be a x-by-y matrix of fields just as the regular inventory. Plus you should be able to freely move stuff around, even from backpack to plundra and vice versa.

Yeah either way should do the trick! :+1:

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Well not ENTIRELY…
BUT I think it’s slightly easier to implement, and it would make manual sorting a WHOLE lot easier, for sure…
Not PERFECT, but hey, it leave a bit freedom.

I mean, you want to sort your stuff one way (say for ammo: from low damage to high, another from high to low, I would sort it by how I use it: most used on top, and downwards going the less I use a certain type of ammo).
I think, tabbies are a bit of the best for all?

I don’t think there is an auto-sort option that would be accepted by sufficiently many players.

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And there’s the brilliance of tabbies. :stuck_out_tongue:
A brute type of sorting, while not quite sorted.

God I am such a wee li’ll genius. XD

Ideally sorted tabs :exploding_head:.

If I look at the ammo tab I would like the same sort of ammo together in the list rather than spread all over the 50 or so items so I can easily see how much .44 Magnum ammo of each type I have, for example.

Not sure why anyone would object to a sorted list of items :thinking:.

My storage is now full and having to trawl up and down to make sure I have counted how many of each ammo type I have so I know what I can trash to make space is really quite tedious.


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You really need to have filters or at least keep everything in the box alphabetical. Not sure why I have to search for like items down the whole list to get them all.

Or is this a feature I just am not able to figure out how to use?

It’s not a feature. Right now the only way to sort your box is to remove everything, and then re-add it in alphabetical order. Then repeat the process every time you add or (completely) remove something. Also, there’s no way to do both this AND sort your inventory. It’s a much needed feature.

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Same feature request topics merged.


Please, please, make it easy to sort out your stuff in the plunder box, how about simply being able to delete (drop, throw out or discard) stuff you no longer want. Having to take it onto your person, then exit the box, then go into your inventory, scroll through to find it again then drop it is a pain … a simple ‘delete’ feature is all we need. The scrolling system is a nightmare too, if you have 2 or more of the same things - I’m thinking especially scopes, silencers, mags, etc please can it say that I have 2 under the same line and not have one at the top and another at the bottom of a huge scrolling menu, it’s a nightmare to go through. Every now and then I have to write down what I have to try and sort it out.

My first post here, bit of a moan but I wonder if the devs listen as this seems a topic I see mentioned over and over. Otherwise really enjoy the game, but I’d rather be playing it than doing an hour of admin … :crazy_face:

Same feature request topics merged.

Also, do search the forums before making a new topic since chances are that someone else have made same feature request.


You guys really need to try and pretend you are “in the game” and immersive yourself in reasons why you can’t sort. I like to think I have a big rucksack which I literally throw things into in a hurry before I dash off to my next encounter. And we all know what rucksacks are like after throwing stuff into them for an hour? A mess! So while under fire, you just have to imagine yourself rummaging through your rucksack, trying to find that little bit of ammo you threw in there over an hour ago, which is now buried under empty juice bottles (we don’t litter, even post apocalypse), gas canisters and bits of Kendal Mint Cake. And when it all settles down, imagine yourself finding a little safe place somewhere under a tree, emptying the whole damn thing out onto the floor and putting it all back again - neatly.



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Is everyone aware of having a mule character in order to organise your gear more effectively?

It allows you to put gear in a specific order in your inventory.

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Ok, I get it a bit with the rucksack thing ‘in game’ but our characters don’t even have a rucksack, in game I’d be getting rucksacks, webbing, kit, etc of the dead soldiers or from army bases for carrying my stuff, I’d also be quite organised as that’s the way I am, although I don’t think I’d get far carrying the weight that we can. But, I was talking about the plunder storage, if I was ‘in game’ I’d simply just take stuff out and chuck it on the floor if I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t add it to my already overburdened rucksack take it somewhere else then empty it to go through it again :thinking:

Having just joined I didn’t think of searching, hope that something will be done as this thread was posted 6 months ago and nothing new for 2 months, so still needs mentioning?

I’ve only been playing it for 2 months, have no idea about having a ‘mule character’, is this easy to do?