Feedback request - Sorting items in the inventory

I don’t worry about dropping in-use attachments because they have the “attached” icon.
However if you bring a compensator and a silencer for swapping, you’d want both favourited and to avoid dropping either and you’d want to be-able to tell if you pick up a duplicate of either.
The only case I can think, is if you hold many guns in your inventory and want to autofavourite the attachments you like through the attachments-interface, using this to help you identify spares both new and old.
Considering… I think auto-favourite is not necessary and may add minor annoyance.

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Good points, especially about clothing, which is an immense and unruly mess.
And I would like to mention the favourites idea for clothing too.


“auto-fav” was suggested with “I accidentaly thrown away/recycled mod on my gun” in mind, which is usually on top of list when tabs change.

Edit: experimental option - hide equipped items, but they still be present in the “equipped” 7-line tab. Up to decide is how much to hide - obviously guns and attachments, possibly some items, but hide ammo?

It’s not that niche - Borderlands 2 done it right from the start and it was very helpful to keep relevant loot (there was also “mark for trash”)


Possibly a bit off topic but a USE option from the inventory would be GREAT. Having to assign a field radio to use it, for example, gets REALLY old.


Favorited items not being droppable without un-favoriting sounds amazing.

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There is no, universal, automatic, sorting method that can apply to all different categories at once.

Only method that works for all categories at once, is manual, player defined.
By this, i mean players can sort items within every category as they see fit.

As far as filters go, there could be:

To add to the above:

  • Equipped/unequipped [*]

[*] This filter fits well on attachments list, where user can arrange the list to show all attachments equipped to the weapons at the top, while unequipped items are shown at the bottom.

Also, what i’d love to see the most, above everything else i’ve written in this reply, is:
In the Plundra, indicator at every weapon attachment, that is attached to a weapon inside the Plundra.
Just like we have indicator icons when attachments are in our inventory and equipped to a weapons.

I’d like Default to be the old filter, pre-December '20 update, that sorted items by age, where newest item was at the bottom of the list.

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A huuuuugeeee improvement would simply be:

1: Stack items. If you have 98768 6-12x scopes, show one scope with the number 98768 on it.
2: Sort alfabetically as default.

Right now only bullets are stacked (which is stupid from a representative view, which the current inventory is)

These two should be super simple to do at it would reduce the scrolling within the inventory greatly.

Maximum result with least effort.

After that is implemented and shipped, THEN look at filters and more advanced stuff.

At least thats my thoughts.


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Preference 1…drag and drop as put forward by 0L0…items stay where you put them
Preference 2…revert to old system…no randomization of lists every time you go near them

Additional request…It would be nice if weapons and attachments would stack within a single entry in the inventory as all other items do…i.e. if you have 3 5* Klauck’s they have one entry on the inventory but with a number 3 in the corner as all other items. Any weapon with anything attached gets it’s own entry.

I asked for this some time ago - I’d like to be able to sort the clothing items by name or ‘type’, and therefore, the naming conventions should be streamlined (‘hoodie’ - ‘style’ - ‘blue’, ‘hoodie’ - ‘style’ - ‘green’ etc.)

I’d also love a Saints Row style ‘costume’ option - let me wear a chosen set of clothes, and then save it as a preset.

I also second the ‘faving’ concept - Borderlands style. Let us ‘lock’ certain weapons, parts and ammo, preventing them from being dropped or trashed.


And a little side note - I’m against alphabetical sorting.

To see why click below to expand:


Adrenaline Shot
Advanced First Aid Kit
Ammo Pack
Car Battery EMP
Compressed Air Tank
Deployable Tick
Emergency Flare
Emergency Flare (Sticky)
Explosive Gas Tank
Field Radio
Heavy Comm Array Lure
Land Mine
Large Fuel Cell
Large-sized EMP Cell
Light Comm Array Lure
Lockpick Hairpin
Medium Comm Array Lure
Medium Fuel Cell
Medium-sized EMP Cell
Paramedic Response Pack
Poison Gas Tank
Simple First Aid Kit
Small EMP Cell
Small Fuel Cell
Smoke Grenade
Standard First Aid Kit
Vantage 8x41 Binoculars

…this just makes no sense.

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Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Actually makes.
You know exact number of “clicks” of your mouse wheel to get that particular item. Or at least side scroll bar is solid pointer for navigating your inventory.
Binge hoarding (hauling around 2+ character’s carry capacities on average) on Fallout/Bethesda games, where everything hard-arranged alphabetically, will do that to you.

P.S.: FO 1/2 and FO:T had same sorting as pre-Dec’20 in GZ, in other words - time-based, newest gets to bottom.

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I think it should be where I can move things around inside my inventory so I can put stuff I use the most at the top of my inventory list instead of it being the highest tier items at the top.

There are lots of solid ideas above.

The idea I would propose is “grouping”.

Currently if you pick up an item, say a silencer for a shotgun … its only useful for shotguns. Same with ammo and other shotgun accessories. It would be good to see in the inventory all the shotguns, ammo and accessories grouped into one display group. This would show you all the shotguns, the accessories and the ammo at the same time. You could see duplicates, make comparisons and check the stats within that group. It would be ideal if you could drop or tag for recycling in the same UI, and drag and drop the accessories onto the weapons. This would make one workspace for all the shotgun “stuff”.

Same idea for each of the weapon categories.

Placeable and throwable items could be treated the same, but without the need to manage accessories, I think its a bit pointless. Showing a group of all the throwable items together gives the player an overview of all their choices and the ability to compare weights and effects and make some choices.

Same with the placable items (gas tanks, landmines etc) showing all these grouped together would let the player make choices about the whole class of items they are carrying and get an idea of their options within a battle or ambush.

Clothing is a mess at the moment. There is a bug that when I currently go into a category of clothing, it seems to change my clothing to the default item selected in the category… even if I am just browsing. Then I have to remember to go and find the item I was wearing and re-select it before I exit otherwise its been reset. Not sure if this is a common issue or an edge case. Its just frustrating.

Anyway, I would really like to be able to drop clothing the same way I can drop other equipment. Same sort of UI, same drop mechanics. I would like a right click option where I could just click on the item, rather than using the keyboard all the time. Just as long as I can drop clothing to simplify my collection or give it to someone else.

The solution to many category management systems is tagging. Tagging for favories, tagging for recycling, tagging for type, tagging for rarity etc. If there are some automatic tags (weapon type, name, quality, weight etc) and some user applyable tags( favorite, to-be-recycled, … user defined or a set of colours or flags or something) then players can create their own system.

Then base your sorts and filters on the tags and you have one comprehensive system that players can use in all the different ways they like. Then on top of that, show stuff in groups.


Hi Francesco,

I agree with Carniv0re, 0L0 and tene.

tene mentioned a very good point that I hope is realizable:

Thanks that you work on this system and consider our feedback.

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Well it makes more sense than this list:


Smoke Grenade
Small Medkit
Compreessed Air tank
Advanced Medkit
Emergency Flare (sticky)
Land Mine
Emergency Flare
Medium Medkit

Also a sorted list is the same every time you look at it (Consistence), and changes minimally when you pck up more stuff.

Also its SUPER SIMPLE to implement. Why not start there, and then implement more advanced stuff?

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[C.iv] re: [C.ii] Ammo should be favouritable, but exempt from being undroppable (Or perhaps ideally: the maximum that can be dropped of favourited items would be less-than-half, i.e. you would never be able to ditch all your favourite ammo and you could never ditch a favourite item of which you only have 1, such as a gun or attachment)
[C.v] Favouriting items could make them exempt from the “store all in category” function of the Plundra storage, so that we can set items like Adrenaline and Bobbypin and prevent us from constantly having to recover them after utilising that function.

[H] Apparel items also would highly benefit from organisation. I suggest grouping apparel for each bodypart by: { None-DLC, Challange-unlocks, DLC, Special Events (halloween) } then suborganising alphabetically.

[J] Apparel modifications crafting-station menu should be in a sensible order. Currently separated by Bodypart, it should also be subordered by effect (fire, bullet) and then subsubordered by magnitude (1%, 2%…) or vice versa.

[K] Ammo crafting menu should also be in a fixed, logical order: by calibre. re:[B.i] The order should be identical to the order in player inventory and storage.
Currently I manually collected all ammo schematics in calibre order meaning my crafting menu is in a sensible order, but everyone else in the world has a chaotic mess and new players never even had a chance.

As it was, when game hit the was new.