Invisible players - Client's can not see each other while host can see all players

Platform: Xbox Series X

Description: invisible players. 3 player lobby but host can only see both players. Player 2 can only see host and not player 3 and vice versa.

**Steps To Reproduce: all 3 players tried hosting. Same results. 3 different wifi connections in use.

Images / Videos: n/a

Host or Client: both

Players in your game: 3

Specifications: n/a

Myself and my friends are on Xbox however I’ve seen others with this issue on PC as well.
In short the bug happens when you play with more than 2 players.
If you are in a lobby of 3 or more your friends (excluding host) can’t see each other.
I was playing for about 2 weeks with 1 friend and we had no issues but as soon as we got another player in the game they couldn’t see eachother. One of them couldn’t even see some of the robots we would fight.
I’ve only ever noticed it with 3 total players or more.
We’ve tried everything from switching hosts, resetting our games and even hard resetting.
Nothing seems to be working but it’s becoming a pretty big bummer that we can’t really play together.


Platform: Xbox one

Description: I was unable to join my friend, it said the host session is unavailable. We then joined some others guys game. We were both in it but could not see eachother. We could drop things and the other could see it and be able to pick it up.

Reproduction: No clue on how to reproduce it.


Host or client: I joined somebody

Players: Me and two others

Specifications: Xbox one


When that happens for us on Ps4 we all restart out consoles. That has always worked for us. I think it can happen when a client is slow to accept an invite. But that’s my theory.


We tried to restart our consoles and it did not work.

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Rebooting consoles doesn’t work at all for this game on Xbox.

The response time for the support team to respond to tickets is horrendous also! Logged a ticket with them 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t replied with a resolution or a reason.

All I got was “check your internet settings” which is them implying it’s my problem as opposed to them actually realising there is a bug in the game…

Really enjoyable game but the experience is ruined when I can’t see my teammates and 2 of the 4 of us are seeing different enemies/no enemies to the other 2 players.


I just posted about this yesterday on Reddit and here.
To reproduce it all you have to do is play with more than 1 other friend.
It’s such a bizarre bug.
We even tried to deal with 2 of them not seeing each other and played anyway but then one of them couldn’t even see enemies…

They just don’t seem to want to fix this problem which is very frustrating

Everything that can be done is being done, it’s probably just an issue that’s proving difficult to reproduce in-house. That’s why it’s important to provide as much information on the issue as possible. So the more people reporting the issue in this thread, the better :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that it can be frustrating having to wait for results, but that’s all we can do.

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Hello everyone in this thread :wave:

We have a ticket for tracking and investigating this issue, and what @Zesiir mentions above is correct, although it has been observed by us on a few rare occasions we have had a hard time reliably reproducing this issue in-house and thus identifying the cause of it.

Therefore it would be great if you could provide as much information and detail as possible when reporting in this thread.

Below are some examples of things that would be interesting for us to know and if you can find the time to answer these questions it could help us A LOT in our investigation;

  1. What platform are you on? (Steam, XB1, PS4)
  2. What type of device are you running the game on? (e.g. PS4 slim, PS4 pro, XBOX ONE S, Gaming laptop, etc)
  3. Are you running the game installed, from disc or are you streaming it?
  4. What type of network are you on? (e.g. home network wi-fi, high speed broadband via cable, campus network, mobile network, etc)
  5. What are the repro steps for this issue? (e.g. host session, have 2 clients join, observe that client’s can’t see each other, etc)
  6. How often does this occur? (e.g 100%, 1/10, frequently, rarely, etc)
  7. Does this occur for you in ALL multiplayer sessions? (e.g. try switching around who hosts the game, what happens if joining a random session online, etc)
  8. This is not an option for everyone but if possible it’d be interesting to hear if this issue occurs for you on other networks as well, or if it’s a specific network or friend’s hosted session where this issue occurs
  9. Is it always the case that the host can see all players while the client players can see the host BUT can’t see each other?
  10. Anything else noteworthy that you want to share that you think could be relevant to the issue?

Thank you for your time, thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience! :pray:


I experienced this last night on Xbox. We were all on wi-fi and all using different Xbox models.

Host: Xbox Series X (NAT Open, Digital game)
Guest 1: Xbox One X (NAT Open, Disc game)
Guest 2: Xbox One S (Unknown)

When I hosted last night, Guest 1 and Guest 2 couldn’t see each other. I could see everyone. (The same scenario worked fine a few weeks ago.)

As a test we let Guest 1 do the hosting on his Xbox One X, and everything was fine. Quite frustrating.

That’s all the testing we did because we just wanted to play, dangit. So Guest 2 dropped out and I hosted a game with just myself and Guest 1. All was fine then.

Gonna play more tonight. If anything changes I’ll post here.

(On a side note, a few weeks ago all three of us were trying to play and only Guest 1 on the Xbox One X kept getting kicked out. We had to quit. So why is the Xbox One X player always having issues lately? Hmmmm.)

Host on Ps4 Pro with two clients joining. One with ps4 slim and one a bit later (maybe 10min), with ps4 pro. It’s rare but it Only happens för us when the one with ps4 pro joins late. Me host and client with ps4 pro is on comhem and ps4 slim on ADSL maybe Telia. All players have game on disc.

So 2 of my friends and I downloaded generation zero and have been trying to play together for a few days now, however when I join them I only see one friend their names are LVT-KING1 and theevilomen04. I can LVT-KING but not theevilomen04, and theevilomen04 can’t see me but can see LVT-KING and LVT-KING can see the both of us I am absolutely dumbfounded on what the issue could be other than a glitch from hell.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!
Try quit the game and quit/restart steam, this helped me when i had such issues.

I know that some hosts are more prone to issues, this might be software-problems on that particular computer, but it feels to me like a internet uplink issue.
The “problematic” hosts i’ve played with did not experience the problems themselves, but the clients got disconnected, couldnt see eachother and so on.

Yes however it’s on ps4

Sony products are outside my (personal) scope of support :wink:

Dunno if there is a way to disconnect psn and reconnect it again or if that would help…

I do know that when we had this issue, changing hosts could “solve” the issue, otherwise we all would restart steam.

It’s a known issue that has plagued the game for years across all formats. Although I haven’t seen it on Xbox for a while personally.

When it happens to our group of players, the people affected, who can’t see one another, log off and restart their machine and rejoin. 9 times or if 10 this fixed it.

Usually just logging on and off doesn’t work in my experience, but a restart does.

There’s a bug report thread here, I’d recommend posting on it there to raise visibility of it again.

I’m on Ps4. And for us when we were 3 players it usually happend when one client joined the game late. The solution then was for the first client that joined early to restart the game. If that didn’t work then restart console. But it’s been a while since this bug has occured for us.

Merged with main report thread about the issue.