Is generation zero too easy?

generation zero is a bit to easy. im using guns that are 2 crowns on guerilla difficulty and its still easy. im playing on xbox one.

What’s your definition of easy?
Finishing the story and discovering all locations indeed is easy, although I just played on skirmish yet.
Fighting single machines, no matter which type or class or which weapon you use, is easy, when you know where to target them. Time consuming, but easy.

One big part of my definition of easy is that there is no game over. You cannot die or have almost no penalty for getting shot down (well, at most you have to walk to where you were shot down to continue… If you have no adrenaline or don’t use it).

But anything else, discovering every single piece, getting pulled in great battles, finishing all challenges while staying alive is challenging, even on skirmish (in my eyes).

And that’s why I don’t think it’s too easy.

my opinion is that anything can happen is missions, combats, collectibles, looting, its just too easy for me i dont know from others if its easy.

i think your confusing difficulty with time. getting all collectibles and challenges completed is not difficult. yo can find every single ones location on the wikis or just by walking around long enough, and the challenges are just killing more robots and finding collectibles.

I agree that the game is easy, especially compared to when i begun playing on PS4 back in what is known as April Difficulty, when the game had a proper challenge to it. When FNIX Rising had dropped, and i was still a somewhat noob to the game, i never found anything challenging despite needing to learn stuff about machnes, even the Apoc machines seemed like a joke after they were nerfed.

Yes, of course you can find almost everything in a wiki, youtube or the forum.
But that’s nothing that makes the game itself easy. That’s more like cheating… And cheating just make games boring in some way.

And it’s false to say that time needed to achieve a challenge, for example, isn’t part of difficulty.

But that’s it. Difficulty can be created through different ways. A combination of them is the best way to reach a difficulty level that has something challenging for any one.
And any one has another personal definition of easy or difficult.

That’s why I’m asking for more details.

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Did you try to attack a fully leveled FNIX base (lvl 3) on Guerilla with this setup? Or play base defense on Hard using the same setup? Or kill the Reaper?

Please report back if everything is still too easy. If yes, then best of luck with finding another game that satisfies your adrenaline rush. :sunglasses:


i havent found an level 3 base assault the reaper i killed 1 and im working on second
(reaper is kinda easy) (base assault im working on it to get one)

Could you please tell us how much ammo of which weapons and how much time you approximiatly need for a reaper when fighting it just with 2c guns on guerilla?

I’m excited for the comparison.

i pickup 2500 for automatic guns pansergevar is 500 rockets 25
(hp5, two rocket launchers, automegevar 4, automegevar 5, and flamethrower)

its not enough to kill it but i refill my ammo

What about the time?
And how often do you refill with the same amount of ammo?

Your answer sadly is saying almost nothing about the effort and needed ressources in total.

Can you show us a video of a battle with multiple enemies on Himfjäll to see how easy it is for you. Maybe the game isn’t working as it should.


He is obviously trolling. Just let the troll be.


i dont know on how to make an video to send here because i have xbox one. i will gladly know how to do it

2 hours and then i have to go refill. it took 10 hours to kill the reaper i only died 5 times and i have used it about less 100 standard medkits. the time is the hardest part because it takes so long to battle that i forget to do something.

what do you mean obviously trolling? theres people killing tanks with an pistols thats the reason why im here to discuss if evrybody is easy to play you can go here hes playing adventure of course and using exp klaucke 17 but that takes alot time to kill that tank.

Ok I’ll give it that this is pretty dedicated. However, I doubt many people have 10 hours to kill a reaper like this.

Anyway, for me it doesn’t necessarily comes down to whether or not the game is easy, but rather that it is fun. Sometimes it’s fun to take on an insane challenge, and sometimes it’s fun to just blow things up.

So the question for you should really be: Is the game fun for you? If not, then maybe something else will be. :sunglasses:

i dont really find running around a giant map with weak machines to hold e on 3d objects difficult or fun. and no, finding them on your own doesnt make it much harder. just hover over the map marker to see if one is there. tedious things that take long times to do are not difficult. they are just boring.

I guess GZ and any other open world games are the wrong games for you, because what you described always will be part of them.

The world is the challenge, not every single enemy. Discover places and their stories, find something to collect and fight the enemies that are in your way… Or sneak and try not to fight.

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