Is my FNIX Rising expansion broken?

Hello! First off, my experience to multiplayer games has been limited to Fallout 76. I’ve since discovered that Gen Zero is a completely different animal when it comes to quest/mission progression in multiplayer.

I’ve been scouring the forum, reading as much as I can find on just how multiplayer works in this game, but I haven’t been able to find an answer to my particular question.

A friend joined my game some time ago (I was hosting) and proceeded to go off and do this own thing. I had planned on starting the FNIX Rising DLC after I had gotten farther along in the game (I’m only level 16 and have A LOT of the map to explore yet). Little did I know that he was doing these expansion missions.

The next time I played solo, I noticed that I had a bunch of these DLC missions in my log checked off that I had never played through, much less completed, but the game is showing me that I have indeed completed these missions.

I’m seeing that I’m at a point where the next mission is to collect building materials to build something. Trouble is that I did not speak to any NPC’s, collect any mission items, etc… I have no idea what this whole mission is about as I did not play through it, but the game seems to think that I did.

My question is two-fold…

  1. Did I get XP for what my friend did?
  2. How do I complete this expansion when it looks like I’m halfway through it without actually playing any of it?

Saying that I’m a little perturbed is an understatement. I paid for this expansion and I feel like it was ruined by another player coming in and “doing his own thing” in my world.

Thank you very much for any information you can give me. :slight_smile:

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Hey @WastelandMann :wave:

As host you should have gotten XP for the main missions they completed, however you should NOT get any XP for the combat and machines they defeated etc if you were nowhere near them.

In terms of the DLC I unfortunately have some bad news.

  • Mission progress is saved for the host of the session, regardless of which player completes the missions (Thus it’s good to be mindful of who you play with and what you agree to do/not to do)
  • Client players (generally) do not have mission progress saved from multiplayer sessions
  • All 4 characters on a save share the same mission progress so you can’t create a new character on the same save and start over (You have to delete all your characters/delete your save)

Thus, as I see it your options are…

A) Start over before you progress further in the game (delete your save/characters)

B) Play the FNIX Rising DLC missions in someone else’s session (Ideally with permission as to not end up doing the same thing to someone else). This would mean progress won’t save for you in single player as you’d be the client player, but if you are in it for the experience and don’t mind it not saving it’s an option.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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We also have a topic in the forums where players have put out the “multiplayer code of conduct”, link: Code of Conduct when joining a coop game. Though, following it is voluntary.

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I have been playing solo, because i like that much better, but also to avoid these kind of missions issues. Even player data like how long you have been in combat or completed locations, etc. can get inaccurate counts when playing multiplayer. Yesterday, I read a topic here, where @Aesyle said that Generation Zero is a Coop-game first and Solo-game second, for me that’s the other way around. And I always recommend people to play solo and get all missions done, before doing any coop. :coffee:

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From devs perspective, GZ is co-op 1st. GZ is also marketed as such.

1-4 players seamless multiplayer
Go it alone, or team-up with up to three of your friends in seamless co-op multiplayer. Collaborate and combine your unique skills to take down enemies, support downed friends by reviving them, and share the loot after an enemy is defeated.

Source: Generation Zero | Open-World Action Game

Though, i also play it mainly solo. And when there’s new content released, i’ll strictly stick to solo. So that i can explore it in my own pace and if there are new missions, no-one runs ahead and completes them for me.

That’s right. :smile:

Thank you so much for replying! My only real complaint is losing out on experiencing (not XP) of actually running through the mission… talking to NPC’s, finding items, etc… I’m glad I at least get the XP, but wish I would’ve known exactly how it works before I allowed others on my map. Which is my fault for not researching it beforehand. I learned a pretty valuable lesson in regards to MMO.

I am glad to know that I can accompany another player through their mission(s) and at least see what I missed. :slight_smile:


I did read through that, unfortunately it was too late. :rofl:

A lot of good info in that thread and I’ve been applying some of those rules to another game. It’s been a huge help in understanding how to play with others. :wink:

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