Is there a new form of tank


someone on playstation killed a Tank and when it ragdolled it droped this



Heeey Aqua, what’s up? I’m pretty sure that’s the high caliber sniper rifle for the tank, I could be wrong tho.



I’ve heard of this tank but have never seen it . And speaking of tanks, has the armor on the military model been upgraded? Me and my son took one on last night and it was a beast. Haven’t had that much trouble with a tank since the early days of GZ.


That weapon is named Linear Accelerator and there are 2x tanks in the game who has it. Military tank in the Marshlands and FNIX tank in the Himfjäll.

Some further info;


i would love to see this in game, yet i am more orientated around smaller targets but tanks are amazing to fight. if i can ask what did that large cannon even do to you? explosive? poision? knock down?


For me, it did nothing. :grin:

The projectile went between my char’s legs, without damaging me at all. That’s how i was able to take the 1st screen of projectile path seen in Steam discussions. Same thing with the FNIX tank at Himfjäll, i stood completely still, aggrod the tank and once it started shooting it’s linear accelerator, the projectile again went between my legs, without ever harming me.

I guess when you move around, you can get hit with linear accelerator (then again, only crazy person would stand still when tank is aggrod and shooting at you :crazy_face: ).


I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure I had that bugger punch through a tree and hit me , could be hit box issues but the trail went right through the tree i was hiding behind and did a ton of damage!


That sounds about right.

Basically, linear accelerator is bigger and badder version of experimental .50 cal.


lol, i am guessing you are that crazy charecter