The Tank has a Railgun

I have never seen this weapon on Tanks before. That has to be a railgun of some kind. Has this always been in the game?


I saw that for the first time yesterday! It sounds so awesome!! Almost oneshot me. I prefer this 1000x over the OP minigun that military tanks normally have.

Am I the only one who just avoids tanks entirely while the explosives are kinda broken? :slight_smile:


This one carried a dual .50 machinegun AND that railgun. I had just stocked up on supplies at Norrmyra so I avoided it like the plague and ran.

Not necessarily because of the explosives, I love challenging fights. I’m just avoiding them as long as the rewards are so disappointing.


Nice find! I’ve never seen a Tank with that weapon before.

Nope, I am very cautious as well, sneaking, unblocking new safehouses, going ahead with quests, improving skills and killing only reasonable packs of ennemies. One day I will become a real fighter :yum:

This right here.

The only tanks and harvesters worthwhile fighting right now are FNIX because they might drop top tier loot. And even then, if you already have the top tier stuff you need / want, there’s zero incentive to fight them at all, as it will cost you way more in terms of (now rare) ammo than you will ever get in return.

The only reason to take on the lower tier big guys is if they’re either the mission objective or somehow an obstacle to you getting to an objective.


That is going to change😉


I hope so, because with the amount of ammo required to take them down compared to what’s available for looting in the world, it’s a tough sell. Right now, the loot drops are laughable at best. Spending 10 minutes and a couple of hundred rounds fighting a harvester to get a single hand grenade is neither enjoyable nor worthwhile.


It’s called “Linear Accelerator” :scream:


I humbly, deeply apologise for this terrible mistake.

I have yet to see that. Guess I’m going tank hunting now

It seems to be pretty rare. I’ve only ever seen military class tanks have them, and of the 20+ I’ve encountered, only three had one.

Assuming that it always replaces the mortar though, I’d rather see more of them. I had a much easier gaming terrain to avoid getting hit by this thing than dodging mortar shells.

Today I have stumbled upon two hunters that were equipped with laser aim and some sort of railgun. I can’t remember ever having noticed these before? The shot from the railgun hurts like hell.

Yes, couple of places have those special types. :smiley:
Little extra danger never hurts, or does it. :smiley:

Indeed! :slight_smile:

I wrote railgun, but it’s the .50 cal they use.

There’s a bunch of them in and around Muskudden.

Here are the weapons they carry:

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PSA: Those things can and will shoot you through bunker doors. Watch your step!


I find it strange I can’t remember them, but last time I was running around these parts was in coop games, so I guess I didn’t notice them back then if the other players were running around before me.