Five Crown Auto4 please?

Well I have two points in salvage - I never have more than about 600 rounds of assorted 7.62. I don’t carry a 5.56. I kill a tank or a harvester and it drops 12 rounds of birdshot and a medipatch. I don’t f*cking know! I’ve never even seen that much 7.62 ammo!!!

Hmm… I’d report this as a bug if I were you, or maybe you already have.

Maybe you could try completely removing any or all 7,62 mm weapons and ammo from your inventory for a few days. What if you switch to the Auto 5 or an SMG, and see how the game reacts to that? Maybe you’ll stop finding 7,62 and when you switch back again after a while, the game will react to 7,62 again, maybe in a different way. Maybe it sounds far fetched, or maybe it’s worth a try?

I dropped all my unneeded weapons and cleared out all not needed supplies then went on a scavenge for ammo for the weapons I kept. Surprisingly that’s almost all I found! My 7.62 went up from a couple of hundred of rounds to over a thousand rounds in a minute or two.

Exactly! :slight_smile:

Are you sure about that? Next door, in Norway we have what we call “the big 3” hunting calibers, which is .30-06 Sprg, .308 Win and 6,5x55. I’m not 100% sure, but I think .30-06 may be the biggest of the 3.
Of course, Norway had a completely different role in WW2 than Sweden, and one reason for the .30-06’s popularity may be that after the occupation the germans left behind a huge number of rifles, the Mauser K98k. The norwegian military took all of these and rebuilt them to fit the .30-06 Sprg. Only the Navy kept them in the original 7,92x57 mm. After the military began using the AG-3 (HK G3) in the 60’s, the Mausers were sold on the private market, and a lot of people have one, and they still use it today, often fitted with a new stock, a modern scope and a silencer. Those rifles are nearly indestructible, especially pre-war models. My dad has a 1936 model in .30-06 and it looks almost new.
Back to Sweden. I read somewhere that in the 90’s the 6,5x55 was most popular in Sweden, and now it’s the .30-06, but the 9,3x62 is close behind. All of these medium calibers are useful in both countries. Sweden is biggest on Moose and Wild Boar, Norway is close behind on Moose but biggest on Red Deer. Both have a lot of Red Fox and Roe Deer.
(We don’t have any of those pesky robots the swedes have, though.)

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As I mentioned before. The BAR in Sweden used 6,5x55. The same as our bolt action military rifles. The original BAR used 30-06. But Sweden didn’t want two different calibers. Both BAR and rifle was in use with the homeguard in the 80s. Being gradually replaced with AK4s.

There was also air cooled and water cooled browning machineguns in calibers 6,5 for use with infantry and 7,9x63 for AA and in aircrafts. Both was refitted for 7,62 during the cold war and replaced with ksp 58 for frontline troops.

30-06, 6,5x55 and 308 Winchester is among the most common calibers for hunting moose and other big animals in sweden.

I don’t carry unneeded weapons! I have a .270, a shotgun, the AG4 and an SMG. Oh, and a Charlie G 84mm (I find almost none of that!). I have the .44 and more rounds than I can possibly need for that, so restrict to 120 rounds (i.e. sixty on the weapon - sixty in storage). I have 9 solid slug, 54 buckshot, a pack of 9mm AP SMG (on the weapon) and two x 240 ready, 150 rounds of .270 and 600-800 rounds of 7.62. And that’s after a long shopping trip. I have all the mines and grenades I can carry.

Generally the first three boxes give me between 30 and 50 7.62 and thereafter only 7 or 13 at a time. So how does 2 Salvage perks, giving you 100% more end up giving you 13 rounds? What’s 50% of 13? Or 7? Doesn’t make sense, but I can’t definitively call it a bug! A personal bug? What’s that all about?

I have salvage 2. And I find more ammo than I can carry. But I kill everything I see and usually they provide more than I use. But not always. And not always what I need. Right now I have 13 stacks of 5,56 AP + weapon and 3 stacks of 7,62 AP. I’m on PS4 and most of the time host. When I’m Client almost all ammo boxes are empty.

And I think salvage actually are for robots only not boxes. Because with it you get way more from robots than without it. I can get up to a 100 bullets from a hunter.

If you want to maximize your ammo pickup frequency, you can try to do what I do, stick to two primary weapons, one sidearm and the launcher. In my case the AG4, Semi-Auto shotgun, Magnum .44 and grenade launcher.

You’ll have more inventory for once, and the game will prioritise ammo drops for the weapons that you are actively using. Also, try to stick to Military Machines, they tend to drop way more 7,62 and grenade rounds I’ve noticed. If all goes well a Tank should (on average) drop around 200 rounds of FMJ and AP each.

That’s my theory, anyway. Worth a shot. :boom: :gun:

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My last Hunter gave me 10 rounds of birdshot and a medipack… I assumed that 10 rounds of birdshot was what it takes to kill it - even stevens.

My last Harvester was a military one and having fired rockets at me repeatedly gave me four rounds of smoke and a couple of EMP (which is useless playing solo). Doesn’t seem worth it…

@Bootie go for military hunters. They give 7,62.
And when I play solo I throw/shoot an EMP towards a military/Fnix tank and rush it and shoot as much as I can on it’s gun/tick pod before it restarts. Versus prototypes I just keep my distance and fire a few bullets at a time at the gun until it drops in order to save my rare EMP. I Dont’t find as many in solo as in mp.

I think it’s pretty clear by now that there are some rules to this game that for some reason don’t apply in @Bootie 's game. Something must be wrong. Maybe deleting the game and starting all over would fix it, but who in their right mind would want to do that?
Yes, each military Hunter will give me 30-75 rounds of 7,62 mm, and it seems this is what most others get as well. Bootie says this never happens. He says he only gets small chunks of irrelevant ammo, and I’ll take his word for it. If the tips we have given in the last posts don’t work, I don’t know what will, unless this is a real issue the dev’s are aware of?

Can someone play a few sessions with Bootie and check this out? I’m legitimately curious about his ammo situation, now.

It’s all still possible! I just have to be more creative about it, and I use nearly everything I’ve got. It’s not unplayable by any means, and I look at my inventory and shrug and go on. I always find a solution, but after a large battle, I need a shopping trip.

Bang back on topic, I am certain that finding a 5* AG4 will cure all problems. To this end I shall just pop down to the pub on the coast to find out what happened to the boys who went to hole up there from Normyra and then I shall go and look again in the lock-up boxes at Muskudden (?). I have high hopes for this evening… :)))

P.S. If anyone has ever picked up a full liner of 7.62 ammunition (200 rounds) you wouldn;t want to carry two of them!

That’s made me think of something - I have to be really careful with my 7.62 - I wonder if the game logs how much I use? It might be a sort of vicious circle. i.e. it gives me how much it thinks I use, which is sparing. I wonder. Does anyone know how the algorithm works?

Ah, that mission… Watch out down by the café near Norrmyra. The Tank there carries a unique armament.

I tried to play with @Bootie but my GZ crashed regularly just after connection. However I have already played with several other players without that bug.

Well, it didn’t give me anything interesting - lots of 7.62 (the joy and the blessing) but whatever it was firing at me (which made a very strange noise going past) it missed. But the explosion as it went down carried it right into the middle of the cafe where it kicked and screamed for 20 minutes.

But then I got besieged and targetted something partially hidden by bushes rthat bled sparks as I fired at it. After it didn’t go down in 30 rounds I excitedly thought I’d got a Harvester in “frozen mode” so patiently and carefully put another 250 rounds into it, while it kicked out sparks of all colours, until I finally realised that I was firing at a dead dog, so that was all my ammo gone again - really, I could weep! Dead machines have no business firing out yellow sparks and visibly bleeding.

So then I went to a safe house on a pier and came out wondering what the yellow bar was referring to, to discover a Dog up to its chest in the water. It wasn’t trying to get to me - it seemed to be just paddling, facing in a complettely different direction.

I saw it at the same time as it saw me, so we exchanged a couple of rounds each - it took a hit, rushed back out of the water and ran away.

I watched unbelieving as it breasted the far hill in a flat-out run and vanished, to be heard of no more. I have never seen a machine exhibit a desire for self-preservation before. Never once.

There may be odd things happening in my game…

That’s the puppy! It gave me something that I couldn;t figure out what it was - it sat in the inventory like a cross-hair, and seemed to do nothing. It said it was “Good” whatever it was, but I couldn;t do anything with it and dropped it. Have I just thrown away a Linear Accelerator?

The blue crosshair is an inventory bug that shows up sometimes, just throw it away.