Island Raids Event Idea

I was wondering what everyone thinks about the idea of having raids in this game. We could use the smaller offshore islands that aren’t being used.

  • Take an island(s) and build a walled fortress run by machines.

  • You go there and to have to battle your way through the entire compound(s).

  • Loot containers throughout the whole compound.

  • FNIX class enemies only. Every machine included.

  • Fight your way to the ‘end of the raid’ area where you fight a final boss (like a event only level 4 rival).

  • Upon completion of killing the ‘boss’, Reach the reward container(s) area and the event completes.

  • Rewards dont have to be a 5 or 6 star weapon either. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was just a ton of ammo, revives, health packs.

  • Stash container at the end of the raid (by the reward container(s)) is an absolute must.


  • Done solo or co-op. But still keep it hard!!!

  • If you die during the raid, then you’re dead and you have to start all over…

  • …Unless you have revives. Revives are your only saving grace from starting over if you die.

  • Also, this/these should NOT be timed events. They should be available at all times.

Now, dont use the map, or the 3 massive islands to the east and one massive island to the west, but if you look at the link below, and the horrible Paint skills I have…

  • The circled islands would be perfect for differing raids

  • The arrowed/circled islands are ones that should be definitely used.

What do you guys think?


I like the idea! either that or side missions in those islands " secure defense bunker A", secure “hidden machine factory”, if there are more islands, they should serve for something other than scenery.

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Raids could also give you some kind of unique weapon similar to destiny 2 .

Sounds like a lot of fun, a great way to increase replayability, make players travel more around the island and partake in some great, guaranteed battles :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in agreement here for these islands! Just mayhem and destruction! LOL! Now that I have a companion to look forward to, I’d love to take it on trips to islands to destroy all the machines we possibly can! We have missions that renew themselves now, so this idea with the islands, seem to me, to be the next logical and FUN step!!! :grin::+1: