It is possible to attach vision module to red dot scope

Platform: PC

Description: It is possible to have a vision module attached to red dot scope.

Steps To Reproduce: Install regular scope, install vision module, install red dot.

Host or Client: Host/Client

Players in your game: 1-4

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

Good find. Bug or not… This looks immensely helpful. Although the surrounding vision looks a bit odd. Wonder if this bug could be turned into a feature?

Equip a scope (Rifle, Handgun or Shotgun) then equip a vision module, then unequip the scope and either equip dot scope or no scope and still get to use Module. Even shows it still equiped.

I reported this over a year ago:

I don’t use this setup personally but some people might view this as a good thing even though it’s not intended to happen not sure people’s view on this but it could be situationally good.

Many of us think not been able to put a vision mode on a red dot is stupid and the only glitch that’s working for us you complain about ??? Why do you not complain about the falling thru the land into water bug, huh ???

They are simply reporting a bug they found. I enjoy it as well. But it is a bug. Also they are not complaining they are reporting.

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This is a bug?! Damn, I hope not, have had full vision module on my red dot equipped AG4 since forever, and I really like it that way.

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Yeah , and some do gooder wants to have the devs take it from us

I did not know about this, what a good bug!!
The game lacks any kind of Thermal or Night Vision googles, so having those modules also in red dot scopes is quite useful to pinpoint Machine locations.
I vote that it stays as standard option and not to be removed and to be ported to consoles (which I don´t think have this bug)

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This bug was an issue back in September 2019. It may not work the same now, with the changes to the inventory system. But regardless; If it’s not an intended feature, it needs to be fixed.

That said, if it’s something that many want to see perhaps it can be implemented in the future.
Make a post in #feedback-feature-requests about it.

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so i found on the autogamer 4 if you put a rifle scope on it then a vison module (ir in this case) then aim down the scope and turn it on then open your inv with the hotkey without closing the scope then putting a red dot on it your sight will keep the vision module effect even tho you changed scopes (i will add a video in a moment to explain it better)

Edit: nvm i cant add an mkv. video file welp guess i cant record with obs

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Upload the video to Youtube and post the link here. heres the link to the video of it

Checked the vid and no hard feelings but OBS tanks your GZ FPS, resulting in a slide show. Either you haven’t properly configured OBS settings or your CPU can’t keep up.

the game is just laggy in general for me when im in a building or near one

Sounds like you either have min sys req for GZ or you have some other issues with your PC (e.g bloatware).