It's almost here! Find out more tomorrow on the Generation Zero live stream with Pontus and Paul. 16.00 CET


I can’t believe the Reaper is finally coming after nearly a year. I wonder what it will offer in terms of loot?

Wow! I never bought into the whole Reaper hype, but this is probably gonna be awesome! :star_struck:

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The sound is terrifying, I like it

Omg what is it it looks cool

The reaper was a variant of the tank first seen in the FOA facility on the Alpine Unrest island. It’s been in the game for nearly a year and now it’s finally properly being added.

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no idea what you’re talking about, but if something like that were to be added to the game, it would surely be cool :slight_smile:

Eastern standard time?

It’ll be 10am EST… I had to look it up… CET (central European time)… 4pm their time, will be 10am our time in the eastern time zone in the US.

You can figure out what time it is in your time zone by just typing it in to google, so in this case typing 16 CET. That’s how it works for me at least.

or if your a brit 15:00 GMT

…or thursday in the middle of the night if you’re on Samoa or something. :wink:


There is another side to this that concerns me - and it’s a valid point that @OBiW4NSHiNOBi raised following 404.2.

The “Reaper” was a community given name to the machine at Bergfinken - but now has an official name. Experimental melee weapons have now surfaced - following the request for them to game.

Time as always will be the tell, first hurdle is 10th November. So let’s see if Xbox, PS4, and PC players can make it through a session without the drama first, because if it doesn’t go to plan they will need something to keep what community they have left, interested in the game while it’s fixed again.

Cue the Reaper and Experimental Melee weapon. As much as I want to believe it’s off their own back - I think it’s been released now for when it hits the fan on the 10th.

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MASSIVE error, this exp weapon.
We’re already too OP.
But, that my opinion, it does not matter.

As for the Reaper name, I do not quite get your point, sir Alias?

Well, I’m a nutshell… I think they are just giving what the community want because they are out of ideas and just want to keep what community they have left happy because of all the issues.

So I fear it will be rushed, and pushed without the details being looked into, tested properly, and tried and tested before release. SO many issues need to be addressed since day 1, and as much as I appreciate new content - I’d rather have none at all, and go back to April.


Solution: Avalanche, take me in at NO COST, TOTALLY FREE and without any strings.

I got a billion ideas… :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you have to loose, Avalanche…? :wink:

external support is exactly what they need. More devs, more testers, more eyes and ears.

Oh, and thank you for the post as well for the Halloween gear, Hope I pronounced your tag properly in the vid.



Sir, my name is of no matter.
I do not do things to ‘get a name,’ sir, but to help people… :wink:

You can remove the credit.

I caught some of the livestream earlier, and was it just me or did that look suspiciously like a PC crash when facing “The Reaper” at 37:50 that they just skipped over?

November Update with Pontus and Paul - YouTube

It’s a secret attack, sir Obi.

The next machine’s special attack will be: Format Drives. XD

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