JOURNAL LOGs are terrible

… as I am more the story chasing player , I never understand , how terrible that ingame journals are !
One of the worst examples is Division, but sad to say also GZ is very weak to present that infos, which are already in the game, in a proper and satisfying way …
here the quest just ends, when you collect the last item … nothing happens , you even have to search in the log, what it was and even there it is hard to find !

Why not build with all that infos, tapes, videos somehow an ingame book …
which could be opend from the player and read what he has found.

So you start with an empty book and when you found an info it shows up in the correct position in the book , so you have a timeline, when it happens and how the things are connected …
books and even interactive ones are still the best form to tell a story and the player gets the whole story after time !
All the infos are already in the game, so present it proper to the player and they would have a better immersion with the game !

Even I try to read all infos , but as they are very terrible presented, I have a hard time to comprehend, what my char already has experienced and I am sure, when I finish the game, I will not rember much , only fragments of infos …
but not memorable ones :disappointed_relieved:

So please could someone overwork that LOG … but when I look at the GUI I fear the one who is responsible for that, has not really much imagination :sweat_smile:

The story items in GZ are presented as puzzle pieces and you have to use your muscle between your ears to piece all the puzzle pieces together to get the complete picture.

Sure, it’s harder for your “muscle” but it’s the choice devs have made.
I, for one, like it. It makes the game story like a treasure hunt with clues where you need to figure out on your own how to get to the treasure. :slightly_smiling_face:

To help you (or anyone) who struggles with the puzzle, i’ve made this topic: Generation Zero story timeline
It’s best to read it once you’ve completed main vanilla missions, unless you want spoilers.


LOL there is a difference between puzzles and pure text with information, if you think that is some sort of puzzle! Congratulation that you think normal infos are some sort of puzzles

It is a matter of presentation nothing more …

Play Outward, that are puzzles and not FOLLOW THE ARROW like here …

OTOH there should be some kind of sorting - I complete a side mission and it is put somewhere in the middle of the list of completed mission, oddly enough.

There is a logic behind the main and side mission listings.

Logic is, that the missions are arranged by the regions of the game. And regions are ordered by the order of how main story missions are going: Archipelago, South Coast, Farmlands, Forest, Mountains, Marshlands, North Coast. DLC missions are at the bottom of completed missions list.

Visual example (minor spoilers)

Main missions order:

Side missions order:

Though, when you’ve completed most of the game and found another side mission in e.g Farmlands to do, completing it will put it in the section of other Farmlands side missions. Essentially in the middle of the list.

While it is difficult to locate it afterwards, to locate it easier, remember the mission name and region to which it took place.

Mission sorting in Log menu is good. But what would need improvement is highlighting groups of missions based on regions. E.g like i did with the visual example above.