June Update PS4 Error Report

Platform: PS4 Pro 6.71

Description: PS4 Pro receiving a blue screen error code after a few minutes of game play

Steps To Reproduce: Start the game, leave a church, shoot some robots

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: PS4 Pro

Error Code : CE 34878-0

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If you could post the exact error code that you get on the PS4 blue screen, that would be helpful! Thanks. Here is the bug report template for your reference, please use it to make it easier for the devs to view!

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I cannot copy and paste template bug report on device ( i have only works laptop i am not part of the Master Race Yet ) , the way i showed is not the best i admit but my device can’t use certain aspect’s of this or most website’s , thank’s for your support and quick response , peace :+1:

I’ve edited it for you. Thanks

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WoW you sir are a Console Genius , well done aye caffeine time :coffee: :+1:

I have added an error code from psn error report in above bug post , cheers!:+1: EDIT : >> restarted game after power off and system library restructure , Feedback after restart in below post , great bike workshop , aye nice suprise

What is the error code you are getting?
Thanks for reporting.

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Added in report’s , thank’s . CE 34878-0

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This is a general PS4 error message. A reboot of your PS4 usually solves the problem.

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@boston_51 @SR_Kimchi FEEDBACK : after restarting console >> The game asked to REBUILD the game save data ‘’ which was successful ‘’ and i have a bug free experience 1 hour later :smiley: so maybe user’s who have this problem will read this Post , it looks like the ‘‘SAVE DATA’’ recovery fixed the "crash " , . Thank’s

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Thanks for reporting and for helping others :slight_smile:


Because of this error, I can’t play multiplayer at all. Nothing helps at all!

yeah i found that for whatever reason there is an issue with save data from older versions of the game when playing on the latest version, my theory being that older save data doesn’t update to the newer version of the game, i had to not only delete my character but my save data off the console and start fresh to correct a number of issues with the game in terms of things not showing up in game like certain collectibles and relay beacons etc. might be something to look into. also I’m on the PS4

Have you tried reset your Disk ?

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