Just an idea for moving around faster instead of cars

Hello everyone, so sorry if this has been suggested before.

So one night i was thinking how i would like to move in this game, yes a car or bike would be kinda nice but then i got this idea. Lets say there will be crafting implemented in the future and how this could be a fun little game loop to have.

First you would need to disable a Hunter without damaging it too much, with EMP granade or something like that this would be your base vehicle. Now you would need to hack it with some kind of cool retro minigame like in Fallout etc.

If the hack would be successful you could proceed to adding modules to it. Lets say you would need some hydraulics from a tractor, a car battery, and maybe a tick brain module :slight_smile: and some sort of seat(s). Why tick brain, lets assume its the only one you can hack remotely and thus if you need remote call function to your ride you need that.

Now you would have a way to move in the game world a little bit faster. Obviously the Hunter would run out of battery fairly easily so you would need to get more batteries or recharge them somehow.

And maybe this way other robots would not notice you as easily as they would think you´re one of them. Lets say if you move too close to them or shoot they would notice you as hostile.

So there’s my idea for a fun way of moving faster in Generation Zero.

edit. Maybe you could even add modules to it, like a storage module, gun mounts for machine gun. sniper rifle etc. call module (like a whistle for horse type of thing) Basically it could be your “horse / bike” that you upgrade during the game :slight_smile:

You could perhaps make special flare that only attracts your Hunter. i mean who would want to walk back where you left it.

Other parts you could add to it:

  • Skis (there must have been snowmobiles in the 80s in Sweden right?:snowflake:) makes you move faster in snow…

Sounds very complicated to me.
Cars and conventional vehicles are a better option IMO, as there are lots of swedish icons that would be amazing to play in the game.

Vehicles are better. Or at least sound better.

Yeah but you can only really drive on the road with cars with this you could move offroad.

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Cars can off-road as well.

Just… what?
While “normal” cars aren’t made for going off-road, even a Saab 900 can go through woods and across basic fields. It’s only when the ground is uneven or soft that issues arise.

Especially the cars of the swedish army (Volvo c300-series in particular) were absolute beasts off road:

I was speaking of the cars that are in game right now. Of course i wouldn’t mind having Bandvagn or some other APC to move around in game. That hunter was just idea how you could have something unique way of moving instead of “car”

I think you should take a look at this :wink:

Im just suggesting a walking/running vehicle unique to this game :wink: It could be rewarding to gather all the parts and finally be able to run in the terrain like a free robot.

I’ve been entertaining the thought of there maybe being a prototype manned walker that you can find and return to functioning order.

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Yes, what if you could build it gradually in a safehouse/bunker similar to Fallout 4 maybe as you progress in the story at certain point you could start to use it against the tougher opponents

I don’t think vehicles need to be added. BUT, I do like the idea of using what’s already there, like a bicycle. (I assume that all the cars and trucks are non-operational… out of gas, engine destroyed, etc.)

They could also make the boats available in the future as part of the expansion to explore the islands.

(I really wish we could do more “human things” like climb over walls, up ladders to rooftops, SWIM, etc.)

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I would happily take a bicycle over walking :slight_smile: also you could coast downhills and maybe do a wheelie off a cliff. and yes boats would be cool to have as well. But then they would need to add some horrible robot that swims and tips it over i bet. And yes i’m a big advocate for climbing onto rooftops too.

There is a Danish game Heroes & Generals that has pretty good way how they implemented bicycles maybe something like that.

Logically speaking here:

  • Most cars in the game still have functional batteries, judging by the fact that the the lights still work.
  • All (or almost all?) cars are unlocked.
  • Cars from the 80s did not typically use transponder systems - i.e. just metal keys, no ECU to tell the cars to start. Just a metal key.
  • Per the above, all cars in the game can be hot-wired.
  • The “Engineer” and “Hacker” skill trees can lead to a character with more than enough mechanical/electrical knowledge to hotwire a car. If you can hack a robot using near-alien levels of technology with a pair of binoculars, you should be able to hotwire a car.

When 7 Days to Die finally implemented a vehicle, they had a little motorcycle you could build with various scavenged components. But it wouldn’t last forever because it had durability, the components were hard to find at the beginning of the game, and it took fuel. By the time you could use it regularly, it’s about like when you’d find the airship in a Final Fantasy game - just about the halfway mark. You’d switch to a third-person view when using that vehicle but it would be first person otherwise.

That’s fine for that game because it’s basically Realistic Minecraft with Zombies®, but since GZ doesn’t have any crafting mechanics, it makes more sense to have a skill in the Engineer or Hacker tree that lets you hotwire a car. Since most of them are clearly functional automobiles, just make them take gasoline and have their own health bars.


Yes. And also the robots are currently only machines that work. They are in the game all ready all you need to add is a animation where the player sits /stands on them. And since you can hack ticks it also all ready exist in game. So pretty simple to implement. No need to add car physics or anything it’s all in game allready. Not even crafting needed really.

I can see it now. Everybody begs for a rideable Runner. Avalanche releases a patch and now we have rideable Ticks.

Would be cool to use ticks as roller skates :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing more 80s than roller skates.

Roller skates with a cassette deck :wink:

I love this comment section.