Just some general feedback and a few suggestions


Just throwing this out there:

Generation Zero is hands down one of THE best games I’ve played since I first began playing Ark (like 4?) years ago.

The general atmosphere and concept of the game is phenomenally done and quite entertaining for the current state of the game (on Xbox).

There are a few things here and there that become rather tedious (i.e. having to move to weird angles to open/close doors and pick up items, ect.), but nothing that seriously impacts gameplay or the overall enjoyment of the game.

As for some suggestions, I’m almost 100% certain that any ideas I have for the game have been mentioned previously by other players, but I’d like to reinforce my interest and support in some of them.

The first, being vehicles. Now, I’m not talking anything major, but maybe there could be mission lines put in place to keep certain vehicles, like certain cars, ect., locked until their completion. Can’t lie, the though of making a sort of mech would be epic considering the tech incorporated for the bots. I’ve seen in another post that it would require dedicated servers of the sort, however, they could just make the vehicles like the bicycles where you can use whatever is spawned by the host (such as the cycle recolors) however upon returning to your save you would have to unlock the vehicles yourself.

Another suggestion would be building. Base building, village building, and village population. Considering the introduction of other human npcs in the Alpine Unrest DLC, I think it would be entirely viable to release a paid DLC allowing for players to create, populate, and arm their own personal settlements. This of course would have to be something that would behave similarly to the vehicles no doubt, where if you joined another person’s game, you’d only be able to see what they’ve created. Perhaps you could help them build it up, but upon returning to your save, you would have to build whatever it may be you desire for yourself.

The above suggestions leads into this one; waging a war to retake the lands from the bots. Having to arm your settlement and NPCs and repel waves of assaults from the robots would make for some interesting battles as well as trying to lay claim to certain regions of the map. Maybe the regions you claim would have less spawns, perhaps forcing the robots to spawn in multitudes more outside your region? The possibilities could be potentially endless.

Lastly, one that I think most people wouldn’t think twice about: hunger, thirst, and farming.

Some would argue that the inclusion of hunger and thirst may disrupt the balance of the game, but if done correctly I think it would just as immersive as the game was intended.

I’m not saying that in order to sprint you have to eat five steaks or something, but rather make it more realistic. You get hungry/thirsty over time throughout the day, maybe say balance it out to where you only had to eat a few times per in game day? And considering how often I find canned foods and such laying around the map, I could imagine that it would be relatively easy to find food and drink to sate your hunger or thirst.

I’m not saying it should be something you have to upkeep every 5 minutes, but rather over the hours of gameplay, more as an immersive experience. Maybe even make it a optional feature in the games settings.

I couldn’t think of a better addition to this game other than having to survive the elements and bodily needs all while trying to survive the robot-aclypse. Considering that surviving the robots (or just stealthily avoiding them) is already easy enough as it is.

Oh, and on a final note, inclusion of foods, drinks, farming, and cooking, it would also be another way to include more options for healing if one so wishes instead of relying on RNG to hopefully find enough med kids.

Anyways, that’s my ideas at the least. I could go more in depth if anyone wanted, however I figured just a loosely based summary of my ideas should do to get the point across.

While I’m interested in the feedback from the rest of the community, if you’re going to nitpick at my post, please find elsewhere to insult my ideas as I’ve run into this issue on many a forums. I’m only here to brainstorm and share feedback, so no nasty comments, please!

EDIT: To note, the vehicles idea could be included in a DLC much like the building pitch I threw. Just to clarify.

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