Just want to hear about any fun experiences you guys have had playing this game. This game has a lot of hate, and we need to stick together

anyone else looking forward to April 27th :smile:

when this game is working well, its just so flipping fun

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hey does anyone know if i log into my avalanche apex connect acount on my pc instead of my ps4 (which i usually play on) i will keep my progress from my ps4 game?

Fun experiences, eh… I am experiencing this game as very enjoyable, although I’m not playing like normal people play this game. After getting every mission, every schematic, every collectable and finished all challenges, my greatest enjoyment was just about to start. My game play now is strictly exploring, avoiding combat when possible. Gathering data. I am a data hoarder you could say.

I’m certainly looking forward to any new stuff the game has to offer. More exploring, maybe even new areas. So Yeah!

i kinda understand what u mean, with just soaking up the beautiful landscapes :smile:

For that, look into this topic here: Humorous incidents :slightly_smiling_face: