Just wondering about saving

Hi I have read a lot of posts on people unfortunately losing all of their progress. I have been in every region except north coast, forest and himjfall, so I really don’t want to lose everything. I am on xbox one s so I was just wondering if it’s possible to save my progress in case there is a bug and i lose everything.
Thanks for the help.

Just connect a USB HDD / memory stick and you should be able to take a copy of your save on Xbox by using the Manage Game menu.

ok thanks i will try this soon

Actually. I just tried and the move / copy option on the save data no longer shows. It just gives you the option to delete from the console or delete from console and cloud.

The rest of the game and DLC you can move / copy but not the save. Sorry.

Oh okay does anyone else know if it’s possibleto save it? If not then its fine

They’re already backed up in the cloud. If you delete a local save then it will restore from the last cloud backup. But if the save gets corrupted and backed up then your stuck in afraid.

After a bit of reading it turns out MS removed the ability to backup Xbox saves to stop people modding savefiles and unlocking achievements etc. so there’s no legitimate / straightforward way to do it.

The recent spate of issues with saves on GZ isn’t so much the save being lost, but a bug with the way the game reads the save. In a lot of cases the recent hotfix restored people’s access to it, but not in all cases.

Ok thanks for all the information

Does that also mean that the way of transferring the game over from one Xbox to another, like discussed in here: Is generation zero going to be on xbox series z isn’t possible anymore? (Since the point of moving the game is to move your save file, else-ways, you’d just reinstall the fresh game on 2nd Xbox.)
If so, that revelation should be shared in that topic as well.

so is it impossible to save the game in case there is a bug?

I’m no Xbox expert. My expertise lies in PCs. Here, we need to wait for @OBiW4NSHiNOBi to reply.


No. All saves on an Xbox are backed up to the cloud, associated with your profile seamlessly. You never even need to think about it.

If I sign in to play GZ on a friend’s Xbox my saved data comes with me automatically. As soon as I sign in I’ll get a brief “syncing with cloud” message and then I’ll carry on from where I left off.

Get home and sign in, and my account will resync and the progress I made at a friend’s house will be there waiting for me.

This is the same if my Xbox dies or I buy a new one. As soon as you sign in, it will grab your latest save and you’re good to go.

My post about copying saves was about the ability you used to have in the 360 where you could transfer your save / copy it separately to USB drive and take it to a friend house for example.

The cloud saves were intended to replace that need, and although I’m sure you could do it at the start of the XB1 generation you certainly can’t do it under the current UI.

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Generation Zero only has a single save slot per user profile and you can’t make external backups of Xbox save games as far as I’m aware.

You have a cloud back up tied to your Xbox account, but this sync takes place automatically. If something goes wrong with your local save you can delete it from your Xbox and pull the latest copy from the cloud.

But, in the case of the save bug with GZ there’s no guarantee that bug won’t be in the copy that gets backed up as it’s not a ‘corrupt’ save file rather one that’s triggered a bug.

I hope that makes sense!

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