Klinte supply and mission


The Klinte mission I believe is called Supply Run, and although I have completed it, its sill showing as zero when I locate Kilnte on the map. Flying Objects and Lost and Found are two other missions completed and yet still showing on my log page.
Why is this taking so long to fix? Will it be fixed at the next patch fix and when will that be?


There’s usually a patch towards the end of each month. Lost and Found in particular is being broken right now, so it’s getting fixed. I’m not sure why the missions are still in your log if you’re certain they’re completed, though. :thinking:


Supply Run is the side mission that ends at Klinte but mission loc counter counts those side missions that start at Klinte. And if i’m not mistaken, Out Hiking side mission is the one that starts at Klinte.

Flying Objects main mission can be bugged for some ATM,
topic: Flying Objects & Lost and Found Bugged [Workaround for Flying Objects]


I just went to Dr. Ingrid’s yesterday and shot all the flower pots, the game gave it to me the second I shot the last one. I can confirm that still works so that’ll fix that one. Lost And Found is just stuck, that one will have to be patched.


It works at mee too NOT with the 4 pots


Yes I am sure because all the objectives have been completed and ticked off.


@Xezr speaking of missions still in the log I can confirm this on PS4. I have all regions aced except Mountains with Lost And Found being broken of course. While I play, missions reappear in the world but they are still registered as completed. It’s odd how some missions return and others don’t. At least it hasn’t affected my completion in game as of now. Lost and Found is an exception but if they are completed entirely and register I don’t understand the reappearance factor. Same with collectibles I may add.