Kpist bullet trajectory Bug

Platform: PC

Description: Bullet trajectory off using SMGs.


I rarely used SMGs in my first 700 hours and trying them out now I’m noticing odd behavior.

Using the AI-76 bullets go where you aim.
Using the Kpist, not so much… :wink:

It seems like the first bullet fires a split second after the first bullet recoil sets in which makes the bullet go above what youre aiming at.
This find reinforces my own experiences of choosing to not use the actual SMGs and instead using the AI-76 as my main SMG type weapon.

This needs looking into.

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot any wall where you see hitmarkers.

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Players in your game: 1

Specifications: WIn10 pro, z370-g, i9 9900k, 32gb cl 16 3200 RAM, GTX 1080, Nvme ssd.

Testing now using a wall at the hangar around 35meters. Character has Marksman and 1/3 of the recoil perk.

The thing with the Kpist is, you almost never hit your first bullet where you are aiming or actually not even close to the reddot, its like 2 or more full dots sizes off in some direction. I did not test different tiers of reddots or lower tier SMGs assuming the highest tiers would have best accuracy.

Oh well I thought it was worth mentioning but if this is an intended “high risk/high reward” type of thing with the higher dmg per bullet of the Kpist… I probably wont use the smgs anyhow, the AI has me hooked… :wink:

Images / Videos:

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Just a small correction, the AL-76 is an assault rifle , not a SMG :wink:
I almost never use SMGs ( Kpist, hp5 ), but you are right, i´m gonna check out if the same happens on the PS4 version.

NOTE: I did the experiment on my own, it also happens, you are absolutely right!
Not a game breaking bug, but it happens, and it has noting to do with recoil.

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Thats why I worded it “actual SMG” when talking about the SMGs and “SMG type” when with the AI, if we are nitpicking… :wink:

Just tested it since HP5 is my go-to close combat weapon and i have never seen it’s aim being off.

Sure enough, 6* Kpist does fire slightly above the red dot mark, both in Automatic and Overdrive mode, while trying to fire one round at a time (just like in above vid). Removing Red Dot gives about 10% chance of landing rounds on mark.

However, 5* HP5 is dead on point without any deviation from the Red Dot mark, both in Automatic and Semi-Automatic mode, while trying to fire one round at a time.

Ran a bit around to find other SMGs and here’s what i’ve found;
3* HP5 - iron sights + 5* red dot = no deviation
2* Kpist - iron sights + 5* red dot = some deviation

With regular Kpist, some shots were higher than aimed while others were on-point. More like 50:50 chance when it comes to landing shots on point. Then again, Kpist has more power but less accuracy than HP5 and that deviation could be intended feature.


Thats odd, I saw the deviation just fine yesterday using the 5star hp5 with 5star reddot, just not as extreme as the Kpist. I need more smg ammo but ill rerun this test aswell today.

Do you also counter in the aim sway? Since i tested them all on the char of mine who has Marksman specialization enabled with 1 point in weapon recoil reduction as well.

Also, my testing distance was about 20-30m, common range where i engage machines with HP5. For longer range, a-rifle or s-rilfe is better suited.

Yeah my editing is getting messy to follow now… I tested on 2 of my chars and recorded on the marksman. Hp5 is fine and the deviation is well within the bounds of recoil pattern and it does hit close to home most of the time.

The Kpist did not even hit the dot once in my latest added clip and this as a marksman with 1/3 recoil controll which really should make your first shot somewhat accurate whatever scope youre looking through.

Conclusion: atleast the Kpist needs looking at

This bug 100% still happens exactly as described and makes it completely useless to have the scope on the kpist.

Do the developers still work on this game?

Even if they can’t provide a patch, by this point an answer of whether this is intended or not is merited.

Also, just in case this helps, the bug can be described very simply:

Combine kpist with red dot. Shoot.

Instead of bullets having merely MoA variation according to the gun, which would be expected … bullets ALL impact higher than aimed, and curiously about where the red dot jumps to after the mouse click.

Well, i realized a suspicion i’d been having a long while now, and tested the Automatgevär and the Älgstudsare with the 1x-4x scope, and uh … both of those guns ALSO shoot either on-aim or high, and never below-aim.

Can’t even acknowledge that your aiming system is broken, huh?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s been much focus on other matters this year. And now it’s holidays, so this really isn’t the most opportune time to question the dev team’s capabilities.

If there’s adjustments that can be done to improve weapon mechanics it’ll probably happen next year.

it’s 2 years later, and 3.5 years since the original report, and i know there’s been several wars started in the meantime, but i think it would be nice if we could see this … not fixed … but acknowledged as an actual bug

here’s proof from today:

still happening. anyone?

How exact do you expect a spray and pray gun to shoot? My M46 is very hard to shoot just single round, even with the overdrive turned off it is close to impossible to get it to fire single rounds, most the time it shoots 2 with a rapid click of the mouse and repeatable single shot is something I would not be using a SMG or a LMG for. I do not expect every round to land in the same exact spot I am putting a red dot on. What are you trying to single shot at anyway?

You will find a lot of the automatic weapons also do not land every round exactly where the crosshairs line up to.

They’re no lasers.
So you shouldn’t expect any gun to hit the same spot you’re aiming at with a not calibrated Red Dot sight.

This can have different reasons.

  • The person who holds the gun
  • the barrel
  • the gun itself
  • the sight
  • the wind
  • the distance

Usually the bullet should hit somewhere below the spot you aimed at, especially on greater distances.
But these factors above may also affect it differently.

As this is just a game and not a simulator, I would just expect a greater random spread instead of always having the hit above the red dot in my sight.

But you never know if it’s intended or not.
Maybe even the current devs don’t that.

Finally, I personally don’t see it as issue.
I would use this gun just in full auto and would have to work against the recoil either way.

This is my point. Why use a fully automatic weapon as a single shot weapon?

Well, for testing its accuracy, I guess. Nothing more.

I would think you would fire a weapon the way it was designed to fire to test accuracy. More so with automatic weapons?

And this is a game, how do you cause the different spreads of the weapons to show up?

Compare this “test” of the other auto weapons that a red dot scope mounts to and run the same single shot test. If all the guns shoot the same, when you single round fire them would that confirm it is a bug or is it the way the weapons are designed to fire on the first round when press fire key?

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The option to dislike posts would be nice, as a balance to liking posts…

Do you guys not occasionally try to save a little ammo by one-shotting Ticks or Runners, by hitting their fuel tanks specifically? At reasonably short ranges, even an SMG ought to be accurate enough to hit a point on demand with the first shot, or in semi-auto. The K-Pistol has a relatively low base rate of fire, so unless your mouse has issues it should be quite easy to click off single shots… An SMG set to semi-auto, fitted with a suppressor, ought to be just about perfect for setting off fuel tanks that have been set out as part of an ambush or trap.

I’m with the guys pointing this out as an issue. It should pretty much be a given that, if a game lets us mount an optic, the optic SHOULD be calibrated properly when mounted. Or we should have the ability to calibrate it ourselves, within the game. Otherwise, what point is there in mounting an optic on whatever gun? The RDS doesn’t even illuminate like it should, which is another issue.

Given both issues, I barely even use the RDS. Only on the N60, as it otherwise annoyingly lacks rear irons at all—which is yet another separate issue that ought to be corrected.

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