Kvm 89 or Kvm 59, Is one better?

I’ve so far collected a 2* kvm 89, and dropped a 1* kvm 59, and yet I find the 59 better, as 7.76mm ammo is more plentiful. Any disagreements? Comments?

I’ve heard that the 5* KVM 59 and KVM 89 are much better than their 1* to 4* counterparts. Since i don’t have 5* ones, i can only speak about 3* KVM 89 and 1* KVM 59.

To me, 3* KVM 89 seems to have very poor damage per bullet. Even 5* Glock has higher damage per bullet. Same goes to the AG5. Weapons using 5.56mm just doesn’t seem to have good damage per bullet.

But between the two, i prefer KVM 59 more since it has higher damage per bullet while the recoil and clip amount is about the same between the two. Of course, since my main weapon is AG4, i’m using my AG4 rather than KVM 59. I prefer to aim and use semi-auto fire, to make each shot land, rather than spraying and hoping something hits.

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I have a special KVM 59 with an extended mag, and it kicks ass. I tried the KVM 89 of the same tier and it didn’t feel as great as the KVM 59.

Yeah, that’s what i’m expecting out of them. Same is when comparing AG5 and AG4. AG5 feels inferior to AG4 on so many ways. Only downside AG4 has is it’s small mag size, which can be remedied with mag mod.

I think the .556 weapons can help people who have serious issues with recoil control. Also, in theory, it would be more efficient to use a .556 with its more precise full-auto fire if you target components. It also should make no big difference that the bullets have lower damage as the fire rate is higher and it often is all about how much damage can I get in during the short moments where I can stand still and spray without getting Hunter’ed.

In practice, I am using .762. :wink:

Is there a fixed spawn for the KVM 59 extended mag? I’d really like to try that one out, found that weapon as a 4* yesterday.

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I use the AG5 on my second character, however I determined that it is inferior to the Experimental Krispt SMG with an attachment which reduces recoil.

Couple of days ago I’ve been lucky enough to earn a 5* kvm 59. Found it in DLC -area where Tene showed in his video (apocalypse tank)

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Are the extended mags actually similar in capacity? I recently got a 5* extended for the 59 and it has a cap of 250. The 3* ext. mag for the 89 was only 136, probably not reaching 250 on 5*.

kvm 59 gets 250 rounds while the 89 gets 200 with the 5* mags

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One more advantage then.

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And just a bit more that i’ve found during my testing over the past few days, the difference in accuracy is actually pretty minimal as long as you control its recoil, 59 really seems to be best gun i’d say from damage to mag count to reload speed. 89 just is lookin lack luster in comparison.

Anyone know fixed spawn locations for those 2 LMG?At least 3-4 stars cuz depilated I have already

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