LAST RESORT - No Tank, Cannot be completed


Aside from crashing, which may be responsible for the following, this is becoming very frustrating:

Can I get some kind of developer acknowledgement or support in some way as to what can be done other than start a new game from scratch since I’m nearly at the end I think.

There is NO TANK for Last Resort. In the location there is supposed to be one there simply hangs the icon over the ground.

I have tried traveling far and wide, starting, stopping, joining multiplayer games, changing characters, nothing seems to work.

Can you please do whatever little thing is necessary to fix this mission and let me/us know that it is solved in the next update or some such?

Please, it is very frustrating. I think it was either caused by crashing, possibly that I killed the tank in that location before I got the mission, or was turned into a rival by killing me prior to getting the mission.

What can I do??

Glitch preventing me finishing DLC

Same issue here:


I’ve been seeing threads on this at Steam too so it is affecting more than a couple of people. Someone on Steam interestingly said that when someone joined their game via network that the missing tank could be seen by them standing under the marker icon, but was not animate and could not be damaged. Kinda spooky that the game considers it to be there but it does not appear to the host and does not ever “come alive”. Surely the devs could solve this rather simply like the other little mission problems but they have yet to acknowledge this one at all.


What do I have to do to get someone from Avalanche to assist with this issue? I mean, really? What do I have to do? Who do I have to email? Can this be addressed in the next update? Can someone look at my save file and possibly fix it? What can be done here? Across the various forums I see a bunch of people having this issue so it’s not a one-off problem or related merely to me. Are you aware of it Avalanche? Has it been resolved? Is it on the to-do list at all? Hello?


This seems like an important issue, so I’ll poke someone at Avalanche for you.


I have no problems with this mission


Thanks Xezr, appreciate it. It doesn’t look like a hugely common problem but I continue to see people posting about it on Steam as well as here.


Thank you very much @Xezr once again you show us why these forums are the best in gaming…